Recruit weekend at Malta barracks will go ahead

Good news! What's the weather like there?
:twisted: a few of the lads from my place are starting there, it's going to be a wake up call to say the least
Malta Barracks is ok, just don't expect anything and you won't be dissapponted. If and when you do get hot water for showers the steam tends to set the fire alarms off. Not great at 5am I can tell you!!!

Your first weekend will be death by powerpoint on all sorts as well as drill and your first Risk Reduction Run with sit-ups and press-ups. Also, some basic gym work with the PTI's.

Other than that enjoy. I'm on Weekend 3 already and can't believe how quickly its going.

Oh yeah, just remember the two can rule which is a bit of a pain but really not trying to break it and getting yourself in bother. Bring some cards for entertainment in the evening as not much to do. You'll see when you get there...
saturday evening is when the departing cadre preform skits, thats about it for entertainment
is the little lance jack lcpl *** still there?
those f'cking fire alarms!
ice on the floor, stalactites from the trees, fire alarm goes off while i'm in the shower and i'm out in flip flops and towel!

"number off!"
"tw-tw-tw-tw-twent-t-t-t-t-ty f-f-f-f-fivvv-v-v-ve"
You do run like a girl Lampard!!! How you getting on with your run times anyway?
i do not run like a girl..
more an awkward elephant.
bollocks mate, been going at it hammer and nails and i'm still stuck at 11 minutes =P
we had one guy ex rmr got 10:20 ish even with a bad knee
The 2 can rule is that you can only ever drink 2 cans at the same time!!!!!

Also re. Malta. When you walk past the gun by the front gate spare a thought for me as I had to push it there!!!

PM sent.

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