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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Magical_Trevor, Sep 15, 2005.

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  1. This is my first post, please be gentle!!!!

    I am possibly joining one of the Specialist TA Sigs Sqns in the next couple of months. Can anyone give me the lowdown on what goes on during the 2 week recruit training camp???

    I was part of the old Kings Rgt TA about 10 years ago (Liverpool Scottish) and did the CIC at Catterick, although it wasn't too bad i don't think the old body would take it!!! I had to leave becaus my job involved working round the country.

  2. Yeah, sure - mostly death-by-powerpoint, some bull, and not much phyzz. One 24 hour ex (pl harbours, admin in the field) and one 48 hour (pairs f&m, section & pl attacks.) If you've done CIC, most of it will be sucking eggs, but then at least it wont be too much of a strain. Its not a tough course - on ours was a faaaacking useless occifer cadet who couldnt complete the 200m warm-up jog for the bpfa, and it took a week for them to sack her. Keep a sense of humour, and itt'l be a breeze. Good luck!
  3. M_T for you it will be a back-to-basics experience teaching you drill, weapon handling, and all the classroom elements of the same ITDs you did 10 years ago. You will/should spend 24 hours "in the field" although some courses include time spent on the range as part of this.

    It is not as physically demanding as CIC but you will still need to be fit because you will do BPFA and CFT.
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  5. Thanks for the replies, quite looking forward to it now!!!!!
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  8. Sorry for changing the direction of the thread there, umm, oh yeah basic, loved it, don't worry how hard it is, just do your best, they are only looking for your best, if you give 100% and it only measures up to 50% of what they want well it's normally good enough, slack off then it's not. Go in, give it all you have, enjoy it for what it is, I promise you will enjoy it (PM me if you don't I will personally apologise) and you will never forget the experience.

    Good luck!
  9. Be fuckin cold wet and tired 24/7......:lol:
  10. Kingo - Yeah, and feel like you achieved something worthwhile with your weekend.

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    Best at demolitions? Best at building bridges? Best at mine clearance? - ASSAULT PIONEERS :D:
    Best at supply? - CQMS :D:
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    Best at recovery? Best at repair? - MT :D:
    Best medics? CMT/Team Medics :D:
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    But I suppose if someone has to blow smoke your arrse it may as well be you!- WHY NOT :LOL:
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    Anyway Recruit Trg. Do as your told when your told, Do your best at all times. It's 2 Weeks Hard Graft. As an Old sweat you may find somethings have changed. Not that much though... Have Fun and enjoy..
  13. has a lot of broken links, but some useful stuff on it...
  14. :lol: No way, ok in a way partly true ... best at communications? all the YofS/SSgts in my sigs regt who came from a single SIG PL.
  15. It is right there in the advert "just do it" oh no that is for Nike isn't it. Ah well not to worry i agree with what all the rest have said. Give it your all. I would add though that when you look back and laugh it will be the memories that you make that will have made it all worth while, they will stay forever. or until you forget.........what was i saying?