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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by irlsgt, Aug 17, 2010.

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  1. Is this still the way it is done?

    TA Phase1 Training - ARRSEpedia

    There seem to be conflicting reports as to how it is currently done.

    I'm looking to see what is involved from fresh in the door to qualified infantryman/tradesman (obviously depends on the corps but for example signaler).
  2. check your PMs
  3. boxy,

    any chance you could fire that PM on to me also? I'm in the process of transfering from RNR to TA.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Or better, update the wiki :)
  5. To answer my own question:

    CMS(R) in RTC:
    - TSC(A) - 6 weekends / Consolidated version min 10 days
    - TSC(Inf) - an additional 3 weekends for infantry recruits / Consolidated version min 5 days
    - TSC(B) - 2 weeks
  6. Yup, looks right to me.
  7. TAFS and CMS(R) replaced by CMS(TA) 09 now at Amendment 2.
    ITDs replaced by MATTs some time ago.

    When I get a minute I'll update the wiki, unless someone beats me to it.
  8. Correcting myself now. We are on amendment 3 as at 01 Sep 10, TSC(B) now includes MATTs 7 (LOAC) & 9 (C-IED).
  9. Yeah, we got warned about rev3 but thankfully only TSC(B) unless TSC (Inf) is getting altered to suit....
  10. Only TSC(B) has changed as far as I'm aware. I would take a guess and say they'll add MATT 7 and 9 to the CIC syllabus soon enough.

    MSR I've updated the wiki with the current details as at Amdt 3. Can you update/delete the old bit above the contents box, my permissions don't seem to include that. I'll continue to add to the Tips and Advice sections as things come up but it could use some input from any Infantry RTC DS that are lurking around on here.

    Also is there any chance of adding a sticky thread in the forum to link directly to the wiki? Something along the lines of TA Phase 1 Training - Read this before asking a stupid question.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Which 'old bit'?

    There is generic link to the FAQ, I can't link to every question otherwise we would have the first three pages just of stickies...

  12. Fair enough on the sticky. By 'old bit' I mean the bit that reads:


    Initial TA training consists of the following three parts:

    (1) In-unit foundation scheme

    (2) A two week (or weekend module) Core Skills Course

    (3) An in-unit Additional Skills course

    The two week course has been implemented as the CMS(R) TA course currently held at either: ATR Lichfield

    ATR Pirbright


    Regional Training Centers
  13. msr

    msr LE

    Done. And I have added this page to the FAQ. Many thanks for your input.
  14. Does it have to be infantry RTC DS or will I do?
  15. Just wanted to say found the wiki very helpful and many thanks to those that contributed.