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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Tags77, Feb 4, 2005.

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  1. I am waiting for my paper work to be processed before I can start training at my local sig’s unit and I would be grateful if someone could clarify how the initial training is broken down.

    Is it straight to a 2 week training course or a number of unit training weekends first, I’ve heard about TAFS but their website is well out of date, and looking back over old posts there seems to be a few different ways recruits are trained up.

    Any info please.

  2. msr

    msr LE


    It should be something like this:

    3xTAFS w/e
    2 Week recruits course
    2x Gap w/e
    2 Week trade training course

    I am rather disappointed that your unit has not explained this to you.

  3. Or....

    2 x TAFS w/e
    2 weeks beasting, er, recruit training
    4 x GAPS w/e
    Trade Training

    Dunno why it's different, must depend on which area your in.
  4. The syllabus is 4 weekends but you can do it in two if you learn everything, depends on what the training say really but you'd be better off doing all four.

    One annoying thing is that all the training you do , vids and weapons tests you do don't seem to count towards itd's. Trying to get signed off and but have been told (admitadley not by PASO) ah but those 3 squaded march where you did 4 miles in 55mins with weapons and 20kg's/whatever in your bergen on recruits training doesn't count as a CFT, neither did that timed run where we did 1.5miles in under 10:30 and those sit ups/press ups in under 2 mins were not a BPFA (again on 2 weeks recruits course, those who failed were given warning they're not putting enough effort in).

    Ngggh. Going to sort it out this weekend, want my freakin bounty.
  5. recruit trainging is now in three parts
    tafs1 over four days aminly being done at bordon,cvhq reme,
    tafs 2 over fifteen days at pribright, grantham,lichfield, which is map reading loads of drill, skill at arms, first aid, no assault courses, and some classroom stuff.
    tafs3 loads of work on the ranges, skill at arms.. this is now 8 or ten days

    hope this helps you out
  6. Slightly wrong (unless 12 Sig Grp have changed things):

    Trade Training

    12 Sig Grp

    1 week or 5 w/e's Class 3 course (you do another class 3 module for your class 2)

    2 Sig Bde

    1 o r2 weekends Basic Signals course (pre course requisite)
    9 day trade course at Swynerton for ur class 3
  7. FBW

    FBW Old-Salt

    Ref Recruit Training counting for your ITDs, you will get your 1 to 4 passed off when you finish your trainning and your ATR counts as your camp. That just leaves your ITD 5 (Recognition) to do unless you want your Fit For Role certificate, in which case you will have to complete all 12. You only need 1 to 5 for your bounty.

    If you have any more probs please feel free to PM me.