Recruit training with another brigade

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bench33, Dec 26, 2009.

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  1. I was wondering if it is possible for a recruit from one brigade to attend an RTC run by another bde ? for example could a recruit from 42 bde attend one of the condensed '6 weekends in a week' course run at Strensall by 15 bde ?

  2. I don't think so, we had a young chap transfer in from another brigade having done his phase 1 with another brigade and went off to do CIC but doing different weekends with different lads... why would you want to do that, explain please?
  3. i thought that was quite obvious... he wants to do it in a week, not over 6 weekends. duh.
  4. As realbigdizzle says, want to try and get it all done asap - there's a tour to Afghan next year !
  5. msr

    msr LE

    I think you'll find that you will have to have a bit more experience before you go on tour. But don't worry, there will be tours to Afghanistan every year for the foreseeable future.

  6. we had a guy on summer challenge with us from the royal anglian not sure which brigade he was though he finished off his CIC with us.

    now i dont know if he was with us because of the CIC phase but thought id say something.
  7. I agree with msr,why the rush,your time will come,No worries about that !
  8. In answer to the question yes it should be possible theory.

    When ITG took control of the the initial training of SuT, the programme and system they devised allows a SuT to jump from one ITW to one in another brigade. l

    Like I said in theory.....what you have to consider is the dates that the ITWs run their courses, they (all ITWs) should all run the same w/es at the same time, it would be interesting to find out whether they do or not.

    On looking back....I can only imagine that the 'challenge' will be for SuT in that brigade, however it's worth a try.
  9. Have your unit said that they will send you on that tour? As of October this year, there's a new Directive stating you have to be a Class 1 Infantry soldier to be mobilized. This means you must have:

    1) Passed CIC more then 18 months ago.

    2) Completed 2 annual camps since then/Certificate of Efficiency

    3) Passed all your MATTS.

    My unit is sticking rigidly to this, although I know (from friends I made on CIC) that other units are mobilising blokes who don't fit those criteria, on the basis that they haven't heard anything about this directive.

    Check with your unit whether they know about this/give a fcuk, because strictly speaking you shouldn't be allowed to go next year.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Stand by for them being rejected at Chilwell then.

  11. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    The soldier's eligibility for mobilisation according to his Infantry qualifications will not be determined by RTMC, but by APC Glasgow who will not send a Notice of Call Out to someone they determine under/non-qualified. This was came to fore last year when a JNCO who had transferred from a Corps unit without having undergone any Infantry courses wished to be mobilised. APC would not mobilise him for a PID in a Rifle Coy until it was determined that the annual battalion camp that he had participated in counted as a tactics cadre.
  12. In answer to the original question; yes, theoretically you could attend Phase 1 training with another Bde's RTC. Your unit needs to book you onto that course thats all. The only problem I can forsee would come when trying to explain the additional cost of travel, why fork out the extra to send an SuT to one RTC when there is one closer, and therefore cheaper.
    Don't be in a rush to deploy, you are no use as a fresh-faced sprog, far better to get trained properly, let the training bed in, gain some experience of how the training fits into military life, and then think about it. Afghanistan isn't going anywhere (unless of course you want to consider the impacts of continental drift!!), you will enjoy it more and be more use if you know more.
  13. Sounds a tad desperate! Was the person mobilised in their Corps role or as an Inf bod?
  14. Strong clue in "APC would not mobilise him for a PID in a Rifle Coy "