Recruit training wing (edinburgh)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by shoogle, May 8, 2007.

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  1. Just finished my time at edinburgh and would like to say thanks to all the instructors and staff there some cracking weekends.
  2. Having also just finished my phase 1 training in edinburgh, i would also like to thank all the instructors, and the naafi staff, for making it a terrific and memorable experience. met great people and made great friends. thank you. any advice and tips for CIC would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks guys, if you haven't already, post these type of questions on the Infantry & Training Wing boards, BUT, read some of the threads to save you repeating the standard questions relating to kit to take etc.
  4. Magik/Shoogle, are you doing CIC in May or June? If June I'll see you there!

    best of luck!
  5. Cheers FFBox, I'll do that.

    Lee_B: Yeah I'm going in June, I'll see you there. Really looking forward to it, should be tough but will be another great experience i should think.
  6. Yeah like wise lee_B.
  7. Does anybody know where I can get the videos from op telic or op herrick? For example the one with the classy Marilyn manson song in the backgroud?
  8. I thank you all for the comments about the training and the staff as i am one of the backgroud staff it does my heart good to hear some positive comments instead of the moans and groans of the few who could not hack the training because of their own failings. Good luck in your future carees within the TA or Regs,