Recruit Training: why not be arrsed?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. I've been inflicting myself on an RTC for a while now, and thought I'd raise the subject of why it should be considered as a bit of a top post.

    First of all, many people bemoan the state of the recruits joining their unit, but have not though to do anything about it. A recruit instructor shapes the attitude of a soldier under training, and therefore will mould the future member of HM Armed Forces.

    Get good habits in at an early stage and they should remain good habits throughout the career.

    It is very satisfying to see a youth who looks like he has been dipped in glue and thrown into the CQMS store turn, over 7-9 weekends, into a reasonable facsimile of a soldier; fitter, more self-confident and quite possibly able to be of some use to UKLF.

    There is also the purely selfish aspect, RTC staff get priority for courses and do not have to do a two week camp. MTDs also seem to be near unlimited.

    Its fair to say that, as with most military matters, the more you put in the more you get out.

    If you want to do something that will result in your unit getting a better throughput of staff; if you care about the skills being imparted and if you want to help make a good impact, why not share your skills and impart what professionalism you can at an RTC?
  2. Here ends the broadcast on behalf of the RTC Self Appreciation Society!

    However I agree totally with the comments above and have done exactly that!
  3. Nishka did you get a PM from me?
  4. Once again I find myself agreeing with BB
  5. Dudes

    I've had a couple of PMs from Interested Parties, so to save wearing my digits out can I mention that you do not have to be posted to an RTC in order to instruct there; most of the DS at the RTC I attend are visiting instructors...

    As long as you are course qualified eg. MAPRIC, BCDT etc you can instruct on that subject.

    This will then enable you to maintain Brownie points with your Head Shed and still do what is a pretty useful job.
  6. FFBox will be happy to know that I plan to inflict myself at his RTC as and when I can ;)
  7. I'm planning to join 42 RTC and I want to know if I can still attend my unit on a drill night and do my job as RRTT SNCO and if so what is the score regarding pay.
  8. BB, much as I applaud the work you, and some of the instructors do at the RTC. I cannot say any of the peeps I know are encouraged to work as visiting DS at the RTC. (Less those who are tasked).

    A lukewarm welcome (if any) awaits visiting staff, the permanent element appear to swan around and tend to speak to the visiting staff like shite.

    Numerous capable and engaging instructors I know won't spend time at RTC anymore. Being rifted (in front of recruits) by the new PSI there didn't help the retention of one!

    This may of course be just a perception of a few players, but, perception is everything.

    Oh, and I have it on good authority that being posted to the RTC does NOT earn brownie points with the head shed.

    Sorry mate!
  9. In our RTC everyone is encouraged to transfer in for good reason.
    We are a unit after all. Lets act as one and encourage team spirit! In our RTC no-one is treated like shite visitor or not.
    If personnel then wish to attend Drill nights in their local area then that is great. The RTC pays - it is good for the instructor as it maintains links with their unit of origin. It is good for the recuits as they get to have extra time with the people who are training them at the weekend and and it is good for the unit as when the instructor goes back after a couple of years he or she has had the opportunity of serving with an entirely different organisation and contributing to its success, as well as coming back better qualified and with gaining experience that they could not get fom thier unit.
    I guess it depends who you are in it for?
  10. Oh Kak!

    But I am also ashamed to admit BB is bang on, as to comments about RTC staff treating 'guests' like second rate, I really hope that we don't coe accross like that, although it is abit cliqueish as we know how each other works and what needs done, I'd like to think that anyone who is confident enough to guest is confident to tell us to wind our necks in.

    Dev, D-E, Matty & Heidi, care to comment?
  11. FFBox is right (words I thought I would never say). His RTC seemed to have no problems with me coming along and getting in the way for a weekend. Everyone was really helpful and friendly and it's an ideal way to keep up to date with the latest lessons etc.

    I had a great time and will be going back very shortly. Would recommend it to anyone, but you have to be prepared to get stuck into whatever is going on. Also doesn't seem like the place to go if you are a bit of a prima-donna or very rank conscious. Just my opinion.
  12. For the record I intend to get involved with my RTC as soon as they'll let me. I think its almost the make or break for a lot of people if the RTC lets them down when they get to CMSR they haven't a hope!
  13. Then I would suggest we are all talking about a different RTC! The one in question, BB's one, certainly isn't inclusive.

    It was once suggested by my alter ego to work at said RTC, but the CoC said it wouldn't be good for their career plot. That doesn't seem to fit with the head shed/brownie points argument does it?

    On the other side of the fence, the commitment is huge! If you are a visiting DS, once released at anytime from 1500-1600, drive back to your own TACs, dekit/clean wpns etc. Rarely getting away from own TAC until 1900/2000 on a Sunday. It's weekend on/weekend off.

    Oh, and if you are visiting DS, in the Bn I know, you DO have to do a 2 week ATP. the exemption only works if you are posted.

    That said, it CAN be rewarding. :(
  14. You don't have to do every weekend going......
  15. You don't have to do every weekend?????
    It's a weekend on and a weekend off!!!!!

    Where the hell does that happen!