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I am re-badging to the Inf, having been REMFing it for a few years. Talking to the C/Sgt at the new unit said I might have to do the last 3 recruit traing weekeds (7, 8 &9). I had a look at what 'subjects' it said were covered, but it didn't go into much detail.

Now, I'm not trying to get out of doing them, I was just wondering if any one who's done it recently could shed some light on what you do on them? I did my recruit training in a 2 week block at ATR(P) so I don't know how its done on weekends.


El Pappa
The last three weekends (7-9) are Infantry-based and you wouldn't have done them whilst you were under the six weekend system!

Also, your two-weeks recruits course doesn't cover the material required for the infantry (more of a basic taster than provided the 3 day FTX) so it'll be either all new, or a more in-depth insight.

Just do it, you might even like it.
Although I don't quite get Cavs 9 week system, unless TAFS1 & 2, I do agree, the extra inf w/es & CIC is far more indepth than the OA&S ATR, as you're re badging it would be best if you did both them & CIC, you wouldn't want to be looked on as a wuss would you?
Thanks for the response guys.

I'm not trying to get out of CIC, actually looking forward to it. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to be sucking eggs for almost 3 months before I can go. (It's 3 months because the RCT w/ends are booked up).

El Pappa

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