Recruit training-how long?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 303SMLE, Jun 16, 2005.

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  1. Hi there,
    I am looking to join the new Aberystwyth Company of the RWR which is due to be opening in August/September time, and I have been trying to find out as much as possibly about how long it takes to go from recruit to operationally ready, (or whatever the term is). I am a student so am able to commit a fair amount of time to the exercise, although my camps will be restricted to the the holidays.

    As far as I can see from the Website of the RWR, its an introduction/selection weekend, 6 training weekends, and a two week camp, followed by what they term "Training Gap", which seems to be teaching you all the bits they didn't have time to before! 8O

    Allowing for having to wait for slots on courses/weekends etc. etc, how long could I expect the whole process to take? I gather there is currently a backlog waiting for courses? Is this correct?

    As the Aber plt. is going to be 'new' and presumably contain a fair few new recruits all at once, is it likely that we will have an initial set of courses organised that will allow us to do the whole shegbang in short order as a Platoon, or is that just wishful thinking?


  2. It can take between a year and two years to get a TA soldier operationally ready. The more time you can put in, the faster the training will go.
    I’m half way through my training and I’m really enjoying it.
    The first stage of your training, TAF1, will consist of lectures on subjects like security, the structure of the British army, etc. It’s interesting but not very challenging or fun, but once you get past that stage you’ll really enjoy being in the TA.
    Stick with it and you’ll find yourself challenged and rewarded for your efforts. You could do far worse with your time as a student.
  3. Hi,

    I've just started looking properly (As in I turned up last week to see what it's like) so I've got the information to hand... I don't know if it's different for other units but as I remember here's how it works:

    First, lots of forms. A medical. Get kit. Other stuff I've forgotten.

    TAFS 1 & TAFS 2 weekends. Usually with one free weekend in between. (There's a timetable for TAFS 1 posted on another board, here)

    Then there's another 3/4 weekends a month or two later - Can't remember the name but it's another four letter acronym beginning with D. Not sure if this is a specalist unit thing though or not.

    Then you go on a two week camp, and when you leave you get to be called "Private Jones" instead of "Volunteer Jones", but if you're in a specalist unit you *then* need to go and get trained in your trade...

    A lot of it seems to be based on how quick your forms get processed and when you hit the "training cycle" - if you turn up at the "right time" you can be trained in 8-9 months, but 12-18 months doesn't seem unusual. There appears to be a 12 month time limit from when you go on the first TAFS weekend to when you go on the two week camp however.

    Comments I've seen elsewhere on ARRSE suggest that to be deployed you'll usually need to have been in for around 2-3 years, because you're not considered to be well trained enough before then. (Unless someone kicks off World War III and everyone gets called up)
  4. Humm… the more I here how other units train their recruits, the more I think there is no set method.

    My TAF1 consisted of 3 months of lectures.
    TAF2 was 2 weeks at Pirbright.
    TAF3 can be either another 2 weeks at Pirbright or 4 weekends.
    Then trade training begins.
  5. I probably have what you've called TAF2 and TAF3 the wrong way round, I've not got any further than planning ahead to the first two TAFS weekends yet!

    Looks like they've changed the names though, as from what I've seen only the first two weekends are TAFS now... (But bear in mind I know nothing much yet, just going on what I was told/saw on Tuesday.)