recruit training edinburgh

still no info on the new training for recruits at rtc edinburgh,
all i know is other arms do 7 weekends now but does this include tafs 1 and tafs 2 after selection recruits keep asking but we have no info to give them ie new course program ect, perhaps the roso knows but is keeping it a secret
The new system kicks in Feb 8th, until then carry on as normal.
We will be doing what used to be called TAFS 1&2 but its now incorporated into the 6w/es that 'll apply to your guys, asdecreed by Dinf. We still however expect to not have to show them how to dress, put PLCE together.

Guest instructors are always more than welcome due to the fact that the new system is very manpower intensive, e.g once its up and running we'll need a range team every week end we're in.

As to the programme the one we first saw on an admin w/e was version 5 so I've no idea what the state of play is with it at the moment, when I get an e-copy I'll let you know
thanks flip but i thought that putting together plc was a t o on tafs2.
at the moment we are looking at a 1 day tafs 1 type admin day where we will issue kit and show them how to were and service it and shape berets ect and give them copys of weekend dates and programs,
we can also cover the t,os that you will miss on your tafs 1, ie regimental historu, whos who in the regt and any other info related to the regt they are joining. i think its a case of suck it and see for a few months
yeah its gonna be, we do the packing and prep of the PLCE but the prep side of things takes forever if its not been done in unit, like I said any help we get is a bonus esp in preping them and continuation training between their visits.
Right, I now have an e-copy fo what looks like the final version(for now) drop me a pm with your addy and I'll fire it off to you, same for any one who wants it

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