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Recruit Training at Catterick

Thought it a very good article - Mr M should write more like this.

Comments re whinging from Welsh Nats re recruiting in deprived areas were particularly apt.

Well done him!
Heart-warming stuff.

It's nice to hear someone speaking so roundly of Infantry soldiers, their skills and the support they're getting, at least from within. So often they're assumed to be at the narrower end of welfare requirements when, arguably, they need the broad embrace of an army that cares for them than most due to the raw nature of the work they do and do so well.
Chalky said:
It's nice to hear someone speaking so roundly of Infantry soldiers, their skills and the support they're getting, at least from within.
Agreed. Good article, good writing.
As anyone who knows the Army, the Infantryman IS the Army. Everyone else has their vital role in the 'team', but when the chips are down, and the worst bit is to be done, it is the Infantryman who has to do it.
Never mind the colour of his beret; never worry about where in GB he hails from - England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland or elsewhere - or his religion or his ethnicity, the British Infantryman is THE soldier.
For the record, I include in this opinion our friend for nearly two hundred years 'Johnny' Gurkha.
[align=center]Let's hear it the 'grunts'![/align]
PS. I was not an Infantryman


If Jimmy Fitzwater wants you to learn something, you had better learn it ...and fast!

(Not a hard bloke at all...oh no... definately not!) :D
Thats exactly the kind of information I've been looking for, im due to start at Catterick at the start of Feburary and that piece re-affirms that I have made the right choice in going Infantry and also inspires me even more now, than before, to get there and get stuck in to the course. Nice one McNab and cheers for posting it Stinker.

Cheers Easy!
bigbird67 said:
someone should send the link to Kira McWhale at the Guardian,see if her low opinion of the army can't be influenced in the upward direction
Unfortunately you can't send anthrax by email, so what'd be the point?
Good article - nice to see something written about the army and it having a positive effect.

The army is a big institution, and because of that - lots of little people outside of it think it sporting to take cheap pot-shots at it. I dont like it when the army gets negative press-but when someone c0cks up then we take it on the chin, and move on.

well done andy mcnab - I'll put you back on my chrimbo card list

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