recruit training and family/work life balance

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by section10, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. im 34 with a family and a full time job, i joined the ta to get fit and socialise with new freinds and gain new skills. i have no problem serving 31 days a year but im finding the recruit training time scales demanding and in a mess. phase 1a was ok, phase 1b was demanding on my employer and my family 4 weekends over 8 weeks and then phase1c was booked then cancelled at 8 weeks then employer could not release me for next one. now i have to return to the phase 1b weekends and then hope i can get on phase 1c within the 8 weeks. also they dont try hard enough to keep you together within your unit and with the people you train with. its so hard to keep making friends and build up trust and support only to find you are going to phase 1c on your own. asking this question at my unit gets the response of well can you commit to the ta if you cant quit. i dont need to hear that. does anyone else find the strict training program difficult and if so any advice on a solution as i dont want to quit.
  2. When I was a lad, 31 days a year was classed as a non attender.

    Stop being selfish, quit your job, leave your family and crack on. Have you no commitment?

    You'll thank me later!
  3. The training prog is easy for a 19yr old student/ doley or part time jobber but not easy with the commitments that you have. If you have had to go back to phase b its a bummer but at least you will know what to expect. My only advise is, if you want to succed, just stay with it.
  4. Not that I like helping out slackers, but where did you do Phase 1 at?
  5. The weekends away can be a bit hard when you are juggling a long distence relationship, working civi job on some weekends and TA commitment. Whole Months would go by until I spent a weekend in my own flat.
    In the end I moved 500 mile to live with my OH, tho she still has not forgiven for new TA Unit hunting on her birthday.... ooops.

    It's tough but it can be done.
  6. Yeah I had the same thing, got through the first ten weekends or so, which were typically one weekend on, and one off, and then got dumped off of CIC one week before I was due to go due to someone else's admin cock up. That was irritating as I had the leave booked and was psyched and ready for it. It is hard to make those at the TAC understand you have other things in your life, especially when it is the CSM balling you out! Hey ho, how does it go? Family, work, TA? If you can't take a joke you shouldn't have joined?
  7. did my phase 1a at chilwell and phase 1b at grantham mate
  8. I don't have a problem with commitment but it would feck me off, and my boss if weekends were cancelled and moved to another date. At the moment he is in full support of what i do but i can see that going down the pan if i have to keep changing weekends booked off.

    Section10, what unit are you with to do your 1A at chillwell and your 1B at grantham?
  9. hi mate, im at 350 in 73reg, i just feel that the training is more moulded around the part time worker or student than full time workers, i have to work alternate weekends and i work on a evening team so phase 1b is quite demanding for the family/work balance.
  10. The Training Programe is built to accomodate the many, not the few.

    RTC ( SE ) frequently get >200 recruits on a single weekend, so keping people together when they miss weekends is a non-starter; unless you feel that people will be happy to be back squadded ) plus you need to bear in mind that passes in various tests are time limited - your weapon handling test, for example, will quite rightly expire after a couple of months ( IIRC ).

    There is no solution; you'll have to turn up and soldier on, knowing that the training teams are actually trying their hardest. ( Ever considered the demands made on them? You do the course once, how many times a year do they?? )

    If being dicked about annoys you, the TA might not be for you; it does happen, the Military is an hierarchical organisiation and to coin a phrase, sh!t rolls downhill.

    Keep at it, its worth doing.
  11. Not a dig mate but if the current recruit time scales are demanding, whats your view on the realistic prospect of getting deployed in the future?

    Get a grip soft lad, i'm sure you dont need anyone to hold your hand, the priority is getting through your phase 1C and eveyone else there will be in the same boat.

    Maybe you've under estimated the commitment required.

    Re-address the situation knowing what you do now. Speak to your family, speak to your employer, explain the setup and that you need to pass your recruits course. Give them dates/timmings as early as possible but also explain that this may change however it's not forever - just until you've finished recruits. Give your boss solutions not problems e.g. offer to make up the time elsewhere or offer to cover other weekends over and above what you normally would??

    If they cannot support you through that i'd say you have some decisions to make either way.
  12. thanks for the advice guys, i will have to look at what commitment i can offer the ta. i was to beleive and what i was told at selection was the point of the ta is to offer your spare time not all your time. otherwise i would have joined the regulars. its ok for the recruit thats a student or is single and has no commitment at home but the ta is not manned just soley by that group, if the ta wants specialist trades filling there going to have to be more understanding and realistic of what there asking for. my employer bends over backwards for me its my team mates that suffer in the long term when they are having to change there lifes to suit mine. as for deployment that would not be a problem as i would only be in one place and one job. i will have one more crack at it and see how it goes. thanks
  13. Mate, I think you should stick in. I found it challenging to juggle my job and basic, but I stuck at it and I completed my two week course earlier on this year.

    Everything after that I have managed to work around my civvie job. It can be difficult, but after basic if you miss a course you can always go on the next one. For example, I couldn't do my trade earlier on the year (April I think) but I have just completed the one that was last week.

    Don't quit now!
  14. thanks mate at last someone willing to offer some moral support, its nice to hear some genuine advice from someone in the same situation , good luck with your career in the ta mate i will serve along side you. :)
  15. Im thinking of joining the TA but I dont know how its going to fit round my college work, I persume that the training held at ATR's are in ' term time' It would be a real shame for my college to get in the way of it as it is something I really want to be a part of!


    P.S Good luck to section10, I hope everything works out and you have a enjoyable and succesful TA career!