Recruit to Private pay rise.

At which point would one receive the pay rise from Recruit to Private, is it after Phase 1, or Phase 2? My current Phase 2 course all seem to be paid totally different amounts with some still on new joiner salaries, and some on various bands of Private pay. Thanks in advance.
You are considered a trained soldier on completion of phase 1, therefore you should then move onto level 1 pay at least.

You'll find in the Army that it often takes a while for something's to shake out, especially regarding changes in pay. There are such things as golden hellos for some trades and other differences between different soldiers' pay which may explain the difference between processing times.

No one will be out of pocket, you'll get everything you're entitled to eventually. When that happens, no one can really answer.
Dingerr, thanks for the reply. We're all going into the same trade, so would have thought it would have been the same. Will just wait until we get to Squadrons in a few weeks and bring it up there.
I see this was over a year ago now, but was it confirmed? I'm at a similar stage now and pretty annoyed that we've been told it's 26 weeks from the date of joining. It's never been specified but it was always discussed that after P1 training you are effectively a Private.
Are you not a private from day one and a trained soldier after phase 1? Has it changed that much?
Much appreciated Poacher!

I'm also a re-joiner so will l speak to the clerks regarding previous service and see if that is included in the 26 weeks service.
Again JSP 754

Pay on Re-entry/Re-Enlistment after a Break of Service
03.1304. Single-Service manning authorities will confirm what previous
service (including Reserve Force service for transfer to the Regular and
Regular service for transfer to the Reserve Force service), and Accelerated
Incremental Progression (AIP) awarded can be permitted when re-entering
either the Regular or Reserve Forces. This will be done on an individual basis
and depends on factors such as time served and qualifications gained outside
1 See Chapter 3 Section 1.
JSP 754 Edition 19 dated 1 Oct 13
3 – 13 – 2
the Service, skill fade etc. Depending on these factors, pay may be
reassessed as follows:
a. If the individual is to re-enter at the same rank and branch or
trade they will enter at the same IL as that when the individual left the
Service, in the same range for their branch or trade.
b. In some instances it may be determined that the individual
should re-enter in their former rank at a lower IL (for example to reflect
skill fade). Subject to Service manning requirements, an individual
may, in exceptional circumstances, be employed in a different branch
or trade attracting a higher level of pay if they have attained a
qualification outside the Service. Such instances will be boarded by
the Service manning authorities on re-entry.
c. If it is decided that entry should be at a lower rank (e.g. where a
reserve officer is re-commissioning as a Direct Entrant officer and is
required to undergo Regular IOT) then former service in both lower and
higher rank should be used to determine the appropriate IL. However,
personnel will not be able to earn a higher rate than they could if they
rejoined in the previously held higher rank.

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