Recruit / SuT - is this political correcntess gone mad?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hartman, May 3, 2010.

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  1. There was a time, not too long ago, where we could use the word "Recruit" (defined in my Concise Oxford Dictionary as a "Newly enlisted and not yet trained soldier"; to mean a newly enlisted and not yet trained soldier!

    Now we have to substitute the term "Soldier Under Training" or the ridiculous abbreviation "SuT".

    This is another example of an ill thought-out idea too swiftly implemented.

    1. What does the Recruit call themselves? "Soldier Under Training Smith, Sir" sounds ridiculous - clearly they are not yet Gunners, Guardsmen, Troopers, Sappers or Signallers - or are they? Should they use their 'proper' rank? Or perhaps the generic rank "Private"?

    2. How do you address the Recruit? (see above) "Oi you there, Recruit, get yer 'ands out of yer pockets"

    I presume the verb 'to recruit' hasn't offended anyone and we will still continue to have a Recruiting Office, Recruiting Officer, Recruiting Team etc.

    However what about Recruit Selection Weekend? Shouldn't that change to "Soldier Under Training Selection Weekend"? Lunacy.

    What about Officers? Surely the term "Cadet" is offensive and should be changed to "Officer Under Training" or "OuT"?!! How can the definition "student in military college" be acceptable to the powers that be?!

    Can we please go back to what is a perfectly acceptable word "Recruit" to mean someone undergoing soldier training.

    Failing that, can someone point me in the direction of the actual policy document which instigated the change?

    Rant over!
  2. To be honest, I hear both 'SuT' and Recruit just as much as each other.
    Either one is used in the same context, and used equally as derogatory, so if there is some unwritten rule coming in (or a policy that has) that 'SuT' is more PC than 'Recruit' - It's a load of old balls.
  3. I think that it is politically correct to be addressed as S.U.T. to give respect to the nice young people coming into the Army. It is only right and proper that they have a 'future fair for all'.

    I think we should go a stage further and not discriminate against soldiers in holding between Phase 1 and Phase 2 establishments, they should now be known as Currently Under No Training

    or 'C.U.N.Ts'

    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  4. I look at it this they are a recruit until they are sworn in, then they become a soldier under training, as they are now getting paid and are in the system. When referring to them as a whole I use various terms...kiddies, wee ones, trainees, recruits & Sut, when writing their reports and when they fill in any paperwork their rank, Pte, Fus, Tpr Spr etc is used.
  5. There would be issues if the abbreviation is 'squaddieised' though, the chain of command is to guard against such bigoted behaviour.
    I'm sure ethnic minorities and foreign and commonwealth S.u.T would be very upset to be known as SUTTIES.
  6. so NIGs and Bayonets is right out then?....Bugger

  7. Yes mate they are, however you can call your lot what the hell you like at your place, though to toe the party line as I do!.......I have to conform
  8. Well I know you do mate...and bless your cotton Socks for it, just wish some others would follow your example...seems we are sending you a lot more SUT's to take under your wing soon our Recruiting NCO has been very busy... Happy days!

  9. That's good to hear, good news all round, d'you know if they'll be doing SC10?
  10. I only seem to see SuT on paper for all admin while the crows are still referred to as such. Personally I don't see the hype over the term recruit; its factual and to the point and is (in a way) a rank albeit the lowest of the low. Soldier Under Training strikes me as a more paper based appointment.

    Anyway thats my tuppence worth
  11. Using SuT to describe recruits is not even correct. A general on a training course is technically a "Soldier under Training" - or do we stop being soldiers once we finish Phase whatever ?

    RECRUIT. Simple and understood the world over.
  12. The ACF, ever more PC every day hasn't picked up on this. We still call new cadets recruits, until they pass their 'half star' (which is now a 4 pointed blue star?)

    I don't like the sound of CuTs. Someone might want to leave the 'n' from 'under' in it.
  13. If you think SUT is bad what about Soldiers Held In Training.
  14. Isn't that just a square?!
  15. s.h.i.t my oinks will be known as that forever more....................... :threaten: :threaten: :threaten: :threaten: :threaten: :threaten: :threaten: :threaten: :threaten: :threaten: :threaten: :pig: :pig: :pig: :pig: :pig: :pig: :pig: :pig: :pig: :pig: :pig: :pig: :pig: :pig: :pig: :pig: :pig: