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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by cannon fodder, Apr 29, 2005.

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  1. I done my BARB test about a month back, past it (of course) and I am still waiting for the next step, recruit selection. My contact at the recruitment office says he does not know when my recruit selection dates will be or have a clue how long I have to wait... So question is...... How long should it be before I get the dates... anyone remember how long they had to wait? Is it worth me gettin a temp job etc with any possible wait?

  2. Things have changed it seems. My selection was about a fortnight after turning up at the recruiting office for the first time. Why don't you ask the recruiting office blokes?
  3. Cannon,

    The last wait that I have for my entry to commence everything is the medical clearance for a common wealthe citzen, I should be done all selection process by the end of may. The maximum time it should take to get in is 4-6 weeks, what they told me is the more pressure you place upon them the harder they work for you. Light a fire under there ass, go after them a little, you will see the results.
    Cannon have you decided where you are going, b.c sometimes there is a wait for that desired regiment, but rarely from what I can gather.

    Cheers 2CB
  4. Ive been in the TA for 2 years, so I am medicaly cleared for service in the armed forces.. my med docs have been sent off, been security cleared... again.. still said I have to do that recruit selection weekend for fitness tests. I am not fussed if it takes a month or so... more time to get fit.. and the recruitment bloke doesnt know how long its gonna take.. his words! Goin for the Engineers.
  5. I am not fussed if it takes a month or so... more time to get fit.. and the recruitment bloke doesnt know how long its gonna take.. his words! Goin for the Engineers.[/quote]


    Hope the process is quick, the website and what everyone at the recruitment says is maximum of 6 weeks, but you have to take that with "a grain of salt". Hope to see you at basic, cheers 2CB
  6. I went to recruit Selection on the 25th of April. I was told my date on the 22nd. This was about 3 weeks after my final interview. So get training hard and dont mong it thinking you've got weeks until selection.
    The Tests are quite easy, just get out running and practice pull ups and do some upper body work and you'l be sorted. Loadz fail on the command tasks, just shout your head off and get stuck in and you'l be sorted.

    p.s. i passed for paras :p
  7. Like Edwards said about the command tasks, get stuck in and shout. When i did it our team only completed one and ran out of time on all the others but because we all got stuck in and were shouting we all passed.
  8. Sounds like a god damn circus over at those tryouts. Can't wait!

    Cheers 2CB
  9. What you going for 2CB?

  10. .... So what are the command tasks all about.. I know about BPFA, I can do them piss easy.... what goes on in recruit selection.. cheers guys!
  11. Chris,

    I am a little tossed in decsion right now, it is between three choices right now, (I know sounds like alot) parachute regiment - in what aspect not sure maybe 7RHA, 4/73 Sphinx (though I know they are not a fan favorite, I like the phsyical aspect of it) or 29/148 field observation for the royal marines. Most likely be 4/73 though. Came over here planning to head into parachute regiment, but my interests now seem to be divided.
    Question for you, since they dont have a parachute tryout anymore what the heck did you have to do for entry?

    Cheers 2CB
  12. Cannon,

    From what I can gather this is what occurs there.

    Static arm endurance

    This consists of standing stil holding a 14kg ammo box

    Back extension

    measures the strength of your back strapped into a rig

    static lift strength

    stand with legs bent and lift pulling against a machines wieght

    dynamic lift

    lift bar till you cant lift no more

    pull ups

    bleep test

    1.5 mile run

    engineers 13.15seconds
    royal armoured corps 13.15
    royal artillery 13.15
    infantry 12 45
    parachute 10 mins ( this is the last pamphlet I recived from them but i also herd it is 930 or 915)
    others 14 00

    hope this helps

    cheers 2Cb
  13. 1.5 mile run , heaves, back extensions, static lift, 150 meter course with two jerry cans full of water, team work exercises, interviews, i think thats about it, the bleep test isnt done anymore. aim to get your run time under 10 mins, if going for paras then under 9mins 20, hope that helps.
  14. 2_Canadian_Beers.. thanks mate.. dam they give toooo much time for the 1.5 mile run, every1 in the army or joinin shud do that in around 9 mins...
  15. This link below shows all the phyz tests you do at RSC, They are quire piss easy rlly.

    Phyz Tests