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Have posted on here over my concerns for the above being heavier than normal and unfit but getting there and pounds dropping off so will pass it... thanks for the words of get on with it :thumright:
On this note just wondered how bad some recruits have been on this course, how you guys saw them etc, how bad they were, just so that I know I won't be the old nag this coming weekend
Just go on it.

Head down. Concentrate. Maximum effort on the PFT.

You can't do any more than your best. And remember, if you can't work out who the course cunt is, its you. :)

Mate, you really need to stop worrying! Honestly, if you've got half a brain and you ain't a pie eating good for nothing waster you WILL piss it! Remember as well as the Army having a look at you the weekend is designed to let you see if its all for you or even for you to ask yourself if you are capable of it. RSW really isn't hard.


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Mate, RSC is a check of your documents, medical and some light phys. You (may) fail if you're dead but possibly not even then. Go. Enjoy yourself. Come back and let us know how you get on.

It's not like you'll be doing your BPFA or CFT.
Recruit selection is easy, don't worry unless you are Dawn French but even then you might pass just imagine a lifetime supply of donuts are waiting if you pass that or free liposuction vouchers...... Seriously though good luck but its simple as the guys have said you will p1ss it.
I'm sure you'll breeze it, I met the recruitment guy last night, will have all my app's in by next week so I'm hoping all going well I'll be doing mines in March....

Let us know how it all goes.
Sixty said:
It's not like you'll be doing your BPFA or CFT.
Really? I had a BPFT, assault course, command tests, drinking test etc. last year.

In any case it was only people that didn't put any effort in on the BPFA that were chucked.


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Did you? They reserved that for for my TAFS 2. The selection weekend was very much a docs and medical thing for us (Specialist RLC)
I had a BPFT last year although the 1.5 miler had to be done in 13 mins, so you can walk if you like! If its Infantry there will definitely be Fitness tests.
I'm going for Infantry, is there a set time for the 1.5 miles? I'm doing it in about 10:30 at the moment when I'm out on runs....
for RSW its 1.5 miles in under 13 mins which they say should be easy (and they're right too) however be prepared for them to do the Bleep test if the weather isn't good, I believe a pass for this is level 7.4 I think, the Bleep takes it out of you a lot more than the run IMHO.

When TAFS1 comes along you really need to be under 10:30 though if you show you gave it your all and finish slightly over this they will let you off. If you are under 10:30 now mate you'll be finishing in the top 5% I reckon.
Do they not run the Bleep test in the same week also? I can't remember the last time I done it but it was waaay higher than 7.4!

I done PRMC 4 years ago and found that pretty tough in terms of the standards and the beasting we got before the assault course.
I know a pass was 7. something put I might be wrong, yes you should be waaaaaay higher than that but remember this weekend is to make sure you are not so unfit that you're going to keel over clutching your left arm at the first sniff of physical activity.

Come TAFS1 the standard is much higher.
Explain TAFS1 please, I'm still trying to take everything in!?

Is this the kind of 2nd selection weekend before you begin your proper training on Weekend 1?
no sorry, this is "proper training" weekend number uno mate

1.5 miles in under 10:30 thank you please

It goes RSW then 9 weekends of recruit training which is organised by your own unit, then CIC in Catterick for 2 weeks.
Probably jumping the gun big time here but is the CIC really a test of everything learned over the training weekends combined into 2 weeks of tests before you pass out?
yes kind of, its up to the TA to get you up to standard for Catterick during the 9 weekends, CIC is with the Regs so I guess there is a lot more to be learnt during that 2 weeks.
cc123 said:
Explain TAFS1 please, I'm still trying to take everything in!?

Is this the kind of 2nd selection weekend before you begin your proper training on Weekend 1?
Territorial Army Foundation Scheme, the bits and bobs you need to know about before you start training proper.

It is most definitely not boring, not in the least. You'll learn to iron, which is just brilliant.
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deslexic dwarves.... there not big and there not clever...

they sure can't spell...

Thats the point it was intentional :scratch:

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