recruit selection tips

Don't complain. You will get messed about. This is mostly to see how you act under pressure. Enjoy!
dont act a c0ck. Get involved in the tasks though, especially the command task you will be given.

and as said before, you will get messed around, just go with the flow
its all about confidence...

and if you gel with your team...

dont try to hard,.. just enjoy it... its the best thing you will do in your life......
Got mine coming up too!!! Looking forward to it apart from the Icebreaker!!!!
My advice to all those attending selection is to get fit, get fully involved in all activities, give it your absolute best shot, do not hold back. Lastly and most importantly do not beocme cocky or have an attitude.
On my RSW we were given a few topics to talk about. Why you wanted to join, bit about your civvy life, best moment in your life (be original and don't say getting married or the birth of your child!). Don't worry, most will be as nervous as you. Once you're into your TA career nerves will be a thing of the past!
halfpint30 said:
do you have any idea of what they expect from the icebreaker? Content etc?
You will be expected to stand infront of the rest of the RSW and speak for roughly 4-5 mins about yourself, on my RSW we spoke and then the rest of the RSW got to ask a question about yourself based on what you had said initially. Some tips: relax and enjoy it, they are looking to see if you are confident, when you are speaking i personally find it easier to look at different people every so often, try not to speak too fast and try not to look at the floor! Remember that everyone has to do it, so if you suffer from a lack of confidence, maybe let others go first, or sit in the middle incase your sgt starts from the left or the right of the group! That way you can see others will be as nervous as you are ;)

As everyone has said, enjoy it, its the first step into a life you will not regret ;)
halfpint30 said:
do you have any idea of what they expect from the icebreaker? Content etc?
I know exactly what you have to talk about on my selection weekends. If you are attending 145Bde recruit selections at ADSC Pirbright when I book you in I will give yu a questionaire to fill out while you are waiting for the cadre to turn up. This questionaire mirrors the questions on the icebreaker and gets your mind into gear before hand.

Unless you are the first person to speak on the icebreaker do not worry. I do not pick people who state they are nervous to go first.

The icebreaker is, for me, an invaluable tool to see what makes a potential recruit 'tick'.

Just give it your best shot and enjoy it.
You shouldn't worry anything about the icebreaker unless your an anti social hole that's not interested in meeting other lads like yourself. Just be yourself and confident and interested. It's fun!
selection all done and passed... really enjoyed it!!! Can't wait to crack on with my training!

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