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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by COXY2411, Oct 31, 2009.

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  1. Hello all. I am new to this forum and im in the recruiting procces for enlistment into the TA with 457 Battery (RA) Southampton.

    I have previously passed recruit selection at Pirbright for the regular army and have D.A.O.R from ITC Catterick as i could not commit full time. I have lost my recruit selection certificate, can anyone give me information as to how i can reobtain a copy of this certificate??

    Many thanks
  2. Where did you lose it, i put mine in frame something i will keep till im not here.............
  3. I would love to know where i lost it!
  4. Have a word with your recruiter but dont be surprised if he gives you a talk on responsibility and stuff, hope it turns up for you.
  5. Thanks, i should be attending RSC Pirbright AGAIN!! in a week or so perhaps i will receive another one (if im successful) Just pleased that the government has finally seen sense!!
  6. Recruit cert? cant say ive ever had one of those ...
  7. I got one when I passed a Recruit Selection Day. The unit now holds it. I fail to see what the point of it was really. It certifies that you can run 1.5 miles in under 14 minutes :roll: and that you can tell a plank from a barrel.

    Considering some of the UTTER UTTER numpties who passed it and then quit or got binned on TSC(A) it's not much of a "qualification!"
  8. It'll be on your records - your unit should be able to find them via your name/date of birth if you did it in the era of JPA. (Last 2-3 years) I think the certificate is just something nice to have they do by default for most/all courses, (Certainly if you've done P Coy or Sandhurst you'd want it on your wall. :D ) it's not really "proof" of anything in the Army's eyes. In any event, it won't make much difference - I suspect any medical you've done has expired (For recruit purposes, they seem to only be valid for 6 months) and they don't know you haven't been a doughnut-eating couch-potato since so they still need to check you're fit, which means you'll have to do TA Selection anyway. It's only one short day.

    Is it actually possible to fail selection at all, other than the run? I was surprised to find out that almost all TSC(A) courses end up with at least one person getting RTUed after the run (So they're less fit as TSC(A) than selection?!) and the overall attrition rate seems to be somewhere in the region of 25-50%. I dread to think what the attrition rate at TSC(B) is like. I guess by then most people have figured out if the Army/TA is for them though.
  9. I thikn more rigorous selection at RSD would be in everyone's interests. I couldn't have predicted all the ones who passed that day who would later bin it or get binned but of three who I thought were totally unsuitable none finished TSC(A). They should have been weeded out beforehand.
  10. We keep getting told however that the ethos however is to "train in" not "select out". (I.e. if you need extra training, we'll sort it out)
  11. Well perhaps that policy needs looking at? A halfway house between the two?

    If I can spot the no-hopers then I'm sure the training teams can. In fact:

    Q: If the run is the only criteria on the RSD why carry out any of the other tasks?
  12. A: Because getting everyone to go all that way just for the run would seem silly, so they need to pad the rest of the day.

    On a slightly less cynical note, there were a couple of powerpoint presentations too which contained some useful information for someone with no military background whatsoever, plus I believe that they may eventually set a minimum for the other physical tests soon. (They're just information gathering at the moment)
  13. Perhaps just "recruit day" would be more appropriate :)

    My Bn runs a "look at life" weekend in which they carry out some command tasks and put people through a rather more demanding set of physical tasks, They still only pre-select on the basis of the run though.
  14. My mum always says "It's where you last left it!"......It's helpful little nuggets of wisdom like that that set you up in life you know :wink:
  15. As an old 33 year old who ran the selection in 10:30 and still left the young snappers behind i tend to agree ..