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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Spursluv, Oct 19, 2004.

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  1. I have done my B.A.R.B test etc in the Army Careers, and I have my weekend away in Pirbright in 2 -3 weeks time to do my Medical and Physical, should I worry about the physical test? do u have to be pretty darn fit to pass it? also I will hopefully be going in as an Air Dispatcher, so I don't know if they expect more out of my physically or what?? cheers Dears :)
  2. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    You need to collar somebody who has done the selection tests but as a guideline, the Army Basic Fitness Test takes you through three elements, each one tested over a 2 minute period. ( this is the guy's version)

    > Sit-ups - have a training partner hold your feet or tuck under the radiator.Arms crossed over the chest, fingertips resting on collar bone. Young person like you ought to be able to crack 50 in 2 minutes, aim for 75.

    > Press-ups - hands a shoulder width apart ( PTI's get funny about this ), weight taken on your toes, body in a straight line, touch your nose on the deck. max in 2 minutes - you need to do at least 40 in 2 mins.
    Tip - take advantage of the permitted rest posn, you may be allowed to put your knees down between press-ups.Count five and resume.

    > Bleep test or 3 mile run
    Depends what the centre you attend uses. The bleep test is basically 25 metre sprints at shortening intervals. There should be a chart showing you the required level for your age.
    Tip: try walking the first few bleeps.

    The older test is a run, mile and half out as a squad then mile and a half back in best personal effort. Your bogey time for a mile and half ( find a bit of flat going with no obstacles and measure it in the car !) is 11 minutes.

    This is just a general outline - don't take it as gospel. Might be worth giving Pirbright a call and ask to spk to the PTI. The Royal Marines send out a suggested pre-training scheme for people going on their Potential Recruits Course. Surprised the Army doesn't ?
    ( If you can't do three chin-ups you fail the Marine version, but I don't think the Army does chins.)

    Buy a pair of proper training shoes (check out or go to any running shop that is a New Balance approved retailer) ) and get some decent running training in before you go.

    There is also a women's running kit site at - whatever.

    Good luck mate, have fun, let us know how you get on.

    Le Chevre
  3. I think we do have to do pull-ups apparently, I'm a female so I really don't know if we have to do exactly the same as men or now, I'm not looking forward to doing the sit-ups if that is the case, plus I'm almost 28 years old, so I'm getting on a bit ')

    Anyway, thankyou so much for all your help, I really appreciate it :D

    I'm gonna buy me a decent pair of running shoes now!!
  4. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    No worries - sock it to 'em y'all.

    On the running front you might try and PM Cait or Catalina from this site
    ( see the thread on Great North run) for some advice.

    The shoes are an investment - you'll be looking at anything from £40 to £80 for a decent pair but the best advice is to go and get a proper fitting done by someone who knows what they're on about. Loads of people try running and give up because their feet hurt.

    The Runners World 10 tips for beginners are worth checking out too.

    PS - Why Air Despatch? :wink:
    Le Chevre
  5. Yeah I'm determined that I will pass it, I'm just really nervous as I'm not the greatest of runners. I really have got to invest in some running shoes, as the trainers I wear are most definitely not for running.

    I originally wanted to go into the AAC, but I was 7 months too old, and the person I spoke to at the Army Careers suggested Air Dispatcher to me, and I am so glad as that sounds to me the most interesting for me and sounds like everything I want to do, I just want to get this physical test out the way now, I can't wait to get in (if I get in) my second choice when I done my BARB test was a Port Operator but I have got my heart set on Air Dispatch now.

    So are you actually in the Army then??
  6. My running shoes cost over 100 quid!

    As has been said to you before, get good shoes, apart from knocking seconds off your time (you would be surprised) they help prevent injuries!
  7. Where are you in Essex?

    If commutable to London, check out these guys: Up to you if you mention why you're going along of course, but they do fitness assessments and everything, more or less of the type you'll be doing, and there's a semi-seperate running club too.

    I went out to play with them over the summer (just for fun!) and could prob now pass the assessment (as described) with a shove. Oh, and I'm a bit older than you...
  8. Yeah I will definitely invest in a decent pair over the weekend, I've never bought trainers specifically for running so I will go into a shop and get some proper advice ;)
  9. msr

    msr LE

    The trick is to go into a proper shop, not some high street retailer.

  10. Yeah, just a matter of finding one now, I'll have a look down Oxford Street tomorrow, has to be something down there somewhere.
  11. If you are doing the new tests, then it will be the BPFA. As described above, except the run is 800m warm up followed by 1.5mile best effort.

    Will try to remember to get the figures for press-ups, sit-ups and run for you! At 28, you will be expected to do the same amount as those younger, as the amounts don't change until 30.
  12. So you can get into London?

    I meant it about BritMilFit - all genuine PTIs either reg or TA... First session free anyway, so you can try it and see if you think it's useful.

    Running shops recommended to me: Sweatshop - search under Shop Directory (fitness trainer I knew at work) and Run and Become, listed here: (one of the girls at BMF).

    Of course, yours truly went to Intersport, and I don't seem to have hurt myself yet, but you would be better off going somewhere 'proper' I expect ;)
  13. Try 'run and become' just off Broadway tube Station. Very knowledgeable about your needs. Most runners mags also do tests on running shoes and advise on which is best for you ie whether you pronate, supinate, high arches etc. Good luck :)
  14. You lot have been extremely helpful, thankyou so much, I will let you know how I got on in the test :)

    Cheers me Dears x
  15. Run and Become is St James Park tube - Palmer Street exit - the opposite exit to the one for Yard Scotland Yard
    Anywhere where you try the shoes and run in them before buying should be ok. One of my friends ran in the shop on some kind of computer simulator but Run and Become make you run up and down the street outside the shop- very embarasing!
    Good luck