Recruit Selection Centre (Grantham)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ryano, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. So what goes off here? I got a letter from the Sergeant explaining briefly there will be a few gym tests, the mile and a half run and a few team building exercises. But what else is there to the day? Had a bit of a search on the forums but nothing has enlightened much!!
  2. Your not searching hard enough.

    Team building tests
    Theory lesson on a grenade
    Dummy Grenade throw
    1.5 mile run
    Some gym exercises
    Jerry can carry.
  3. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    800 metre warm up run for the 1.5 mile run...
    Practice your pull up's also in case you do them instead of the sit up's...
  4. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Whats this about Grenades? Since when did the RLC start doing all that?
  5. practice your battle face

  6. i went there in april for my selection and we never did anything to do with grenades....!

    we did an ice breaker ( brief chat about yourself)
    800 m warm up then 1.5 mile run
    jerry can carry, ammo box lift, back strength test
    command tasks,
    couple of lectures on the army

    thats about it
  7. Was wondering if the run is done around a track or on a course? Im due to do my weekend in a few weeks time.
  8. I got back from a PO Insight course at Grantham 2 weeks ago and within the first hour of arriving we did a PFT. The 1.5mile run wasn't around a track. We started outside the gym doing a brisk walk then breaking into a gentle jog until we reached the enterance to the training area. Once there the RLC PTI made us stretch off and then the run began. We ran along the concrete path/road until we reached a windmill and then circled back and finished just outside the gym. Not sure if thats the route that you'll take seeing as there is a rather large sports field just outside the gym so they may get you to do a few laps round it. We also did a stretcher race from the windmill to the gym which was about 1km so that may appear ?
  9. Sixty

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    No, you're correct. Out of the gym, turn right, then left up the airstrip and then back again to the gym.
  10. Brilliant, thanks for the info. I cant really judge the distance when running on the road, but if its just that straight forward then I'll be fine. Can't wait to start, just have to loose a few pounds in the few weeks to make sure I pass the medical.
  11. The "Grenade throw" is a favourite of Pirbright they've got a pit there for it and is used every time I've had to run around that stupid 200m track. :mad:

    There's gonna be a few chats maybe some death by power point.

    The physical tests aren't to taxing but make sure you can do a few pull ups, press ups and can run 1.5 miles in under 14 mins, even though I've heard of people getting through even after running it in 15+.

    The running "Track" at grantham is the concrete path parallel to the A52 just to the right of the (A) on the map, you go down there, round the corner abit then back.
  12. =============================================

    Just an idea, why don't you Google earth the area and familerise yourself with the grounds in and around the camp...You have got enough description of what route you are likely to run from posts on here matey.
  13. A nice veiw of roofs? How does he know what buildings to go to? He's only there for a selection weekend, might be abit different if he was on his CMSR.
  14. Sixty

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    Yellow - warm-up.
    Green - Out
    Red - Back
  15. That brings back memories :p