Recruit selection ADSC Pirbright this weekend

As far as I know its not til next weekend


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Toysoldier_1967 said:
As far as I know its not til next weekend
No it's supposed to be this weekend, but only the 'BRAVO Serial' which starts on Sat evening. Thing is nobody's made it clear if DS are required on the Friday night/Sat morning for briefing/set-up. No phone number I have is being answered by a real life human at the moment for me to get an answer from!
Now thats confusing, as I have been told to be there on the Sat morning (0830) for a run through, I didn't make the TTT training and this will be my suppliment so to speak.

I have not been told of anything about the Bravo serial on sat/sun, as far as I know we finish about 1600 and thats it till the first proper one in feb, however I have'nt seen any paperwork and I may not even be one of the staff assigned for this w/e as I haven't been trained yet.

but to answer your question, yes we are in on Saturday


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F*CK, F*CK, F*CKITY F*CK!! That just took the jam out of my doughnut!Are you sure you're at Pirbright mate?

Edited to add: I thought Alpha serials turn up from 2000hrs tonight? Do you have that too?
No, there are no Alpha serials as far as I know

I was told this was the TTT course, but that was last week, this week is supposed tobe a TEWT of sorts, but is theres a Bravo coming in then its just a run through befoer they turn up

Anyways, I'm there in the morning not tonight
Just to clarify this one - each brigade (145, 2 & LD) in the SE is doing i selection weekend a month
This weekend is 145's but run by 4 Div RTC
4 Div RTC run 2 courses per weekend, an ALPHA (Fri-Sat) & a BRAVO (Sat-Sun)
This weekend is a test with only BRAVO being run, however DS were requested Fri even/Sat Morn to do a dry run
Hope this helps
Sounds like they have done a really good job informing the DS then :roll:

msr said:
Sounds like they have done a really good job informing the DS then :roll:

All unit in 145Bde are have been well informed of all aspects of the new selection process. If unit command do not pass information down to their sub units (which seems to be the case) there is not much we can do.

My advice is if you are an NCO/instructor that is allocated to be on a selection weekend for 145Bde ask your chain of command to clarrify the situation. If you have no joy there you can rind 4Div RTC (SE) at Malta Bks during working hours in the week. They WILL have the up to date gen on each weekend.
145Bde ran their first TA selection weekend this weekend (18 to 20 Jan 08) at ADSC (P).

Previously each unit command in 145Bde AO had been in full informed of the format of the weekends selection. It was as follows:

Instructors arrive on Fri evening and given an opening brief by OC selection 145Bde, allocated accom and issued admin briefs and program.
Sat was a 'bedding in' day for the instructors. All instructors should have previously attended one of the two Train The Trainer days held by ADSC (P) which would have given them an understanding of the selection process and qualified them to instruct on selection weekends (yes you DO need to qualify to instruct here, another string to your bow, which is a good thing). Instructors would have been allocated to squads/tasks and been allowed to 'find their way' around IT lesson plans where stores where etc, to avoid confusion and embarrasment when the first intake began. We are aware that during the TTT their was not much chance for this.
The first intake was due to arrive on Sat afternoon where the actual selection process would have begun and instructors would begin their role proper. The selection process then finishing in the early to mid afternoon of the Sun.

This weekend WAS NOT another chance to qualify to be an instructor for selection as some peole had been informed.

The next 145Bde selection weekend will be in Feb 08 and will begin with intakes on both days.

Your units DO have the dates and DO have joining instructions.

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