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recruit reenlistment

i was md'd for a back problem around 2 years ago. Reapplying has been a fcuking nightmare. finally however i was accepted on medical grounds. my problem now is obtaining the level of fitness i had previously. basically i was told i couldnt reapply so i stopped doing any cardio and hit he weights. went from around 12 stone to just under 16. Over long distances aint too bad its the BFT thats giving me grief. Cant seem get any fitter. i was doing it before in around 8.50. Ive never been much cop at it but now even after two months of training its still 1030. any ideas cos its doing my head in.

any replies will b appreciated!
You could just bump the first thread you started on this topic, instead of posting a new one.

Anyway, lose some weight and keep running, increase the distance over a period of time, and then speed the run up to get the required time.

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