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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bowser-Mong, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. An article in the Daily Mail today on page 18 (sorry no link) which reports that ministers have ordered the Armed Forces to recruit more ethnic minorities. Ministers have given the top brass seven years to ensure the Forces have the same proportion of nonwhites as British society.
    How Fcuking Pathetic. Isnt enough that the Armed Forces are overstretcheand treated as second rate by the Government and have been prevented fom doing their job properly by enough stupid constraints already in place without having this pile of shite. Who gives a toss what colour someone is as long as they are doing their job. Why not put target quotas in place like the NHS????
  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Are the army going to be turning whites away now, like the police force?

    Absolute PC bullsh1te. You need the BEST people next to you, in this job more then most. The colour of their skin should not matter one bit.

    If we do indeed start turning people away simply to get more minorites in, i for one will be making a slot available for one of them. This country, and its army, is going to fcuking PC ratsh1t.
  3. Have you got a link to a story about the police force turning away whites?

    AFAIK its illegal to discriminate by race (except for certain good reasons e.g. a white man can't play Martin Luther King). What is allowed is to encourage more applications from certain racial groups by holding targeted open days etc.

  4. With the comments on Pg 2 of todays DailyTelegraph from the Commons about recruiting nos being very poor, I think getting people through the door of any ethnicity or background will be the first target. Surely selction on the Daily Xenophobe (Mail)'s pattern will only happen when we're recruiting strongly.
  5. Frankly im sick of racism by Tony Blairs Government, how can they honestly believe that the army somehow needs to "help" ethnic minorities? They're fine now leave them alone
  6. Come on chaps. Stiff upper lip. It's obviously the product of a liquid lunch and some fertile imaginations. The subs are young and keen and try to outdo each other to get M. Dacre's attention - not stopping to ponder the consequences i.e. upsetting serving members who may imagine that that there's a shred of truth in it/or worse, it's the beginning of the end for the British Army.

    Don't buy it.
  7. thats plobly the most sensible thing you have stated so far frenchie
  8. It's an old story

  9. I've got a friend who got turned away by the police and the reason given to him was something along the lines of, Rejected for the purposes of positive discrimination.

    This link is an article from the Times criticising positive discrimnation in all forms, using the police as one of the examples.,,7-1272890,00.html
  10. The Vin Rouge must be kicking in about now
  11. The Police aren't technically allowed to indulge in positive discrimination. I got knocked back because I failed two of the 'competency questions' on the application form, dealing with use of Initiative and Time Management, which is strange because I have three years worth of Appraisals that rate me quite highly on those skills. Suppose I must just be a biff.
  12. Positive discrimination is not an issue here, the army needs all the suitable recruits it can get.

    I suspect the issue is how to make the army more attractive as a career to ethnic minorities, I personally believe a recruiting drive in this area could be quite effective as you would be recruiting from a previously untapped resource.

  13. Sure but look how the story ends...

    The police acted illegally and have paid the price for their crimes. That's fair enough innit?

    There is a perception on arrse that there is huge amounts of anti-white discrimination in the UK - but I suspect its all a myth.


    Gazeibo - Do you think your mate is embarressed and just telling porkies to explain not getting accepted? If not, tell him to sue.
  14. Article from Personnel Today.

    I see that they also note:
  15. This one's being going the rounds for a hell of a long time - Ministers DEMANDING more 'ethnic minorities' in the armed forces, and threatening to set up quotas, etc. This was a Mail story back in the early 90s. But as Director Army Recruiting, at the time, said, the problem was (is) that the vast majority of the 'ethnic minorities' do not have a tradition of service, and, therefore, it didn't matter what you did, they were not going to sign on - whether it be the armed forces, police, RNLI, St. John's Ambulance, whatever.
    Basically, if they do not want to join, then there is no way you can make them: quotas will not work!
    I am reminded of a WRAC ossifer who turned down a job as ADC to a senior member of the Royal Family, because she felt that she had only been offered the job in the first place in order to increase the number of 'wimmin' in such posts.