Recruit kit order forms.

Just a quick question on the measurements for my kit.

For foot size, do I use my actual size?
Or do I do it in CM?
If so, where do I measure to/from?

Also same for hands.
Where do I measure to/from?

Thanks in advance :)
Try this .....

There could however be a measurement for the width of your foot , I used to take size 9 Mediums Combat high .

If your a UK 9 then write down 9 .

Pop into a Clarks shoe shop and get them to measure your feet just to be sure .

Regards your hands well pop into B&Q and just try on the work wear gloves , on the back of said gloves will be either 8 , 9 or 10 etc most folk will be fine with a 10 .

Simples :0)

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