recruit inhales butane gas


DonkeyKiller said:
Just a point...At some ATRs DS MUST be out of the lines by certain times. At this one it is 2000. Leaving more than enough time for a recruit to snort crap and have no signs in the morning (type and quantity dependent).
Some one please untie our hands!
What? You practising bondage there too?
Thank God for that DB - this thread was in danger of getting back on topic....


A premture end to a life. Remember this person had a family who will always question why he took to inhaling butane gas, was it the fault of the miltary? was is something he did before joining? did someone else introduce him to it during his short service? No one may know the answer. during the 80s a fellow JNCO caught 2 persons sniffing glue in the toilets at a barracks in Tidworth, the outcome was a kicking for both involved. Not allowed in this day. The outcome one served to the 3 year point and left, the other is a serving SNCO now. Their future career path was probably nothing to do with the incident.

Is the modern day policy of introducing it in ITSs the cure, or is it the old way of sorting out the offender, by way of group retribution the answer, to ensure they come back into the fold as part of the section??

The boffins and the group will always have their own way. However we not apply ourselves to modern day ethics. Who knows which way works, unfortunately people are still taking their lives through solvent abuse, however unintentional.
I know a few people who I would like to force butane upon. In fact I'd like to shove the empty cans up their cold dead arrses when they'd finished them.


Personally I think the stupid prat got what he deserved. If you don't want to end up dead, dont fcuk with drugs and solvents....simple really. I do feel for the parents though so I'm not a completely heartles robot.

I'm surprised no-one else has copped the blame though. These days it's not the individual's responsibility, it's always some other poor saps fault....

He was not at phase 1 training, it was phase 2 where the recruits have a little more down time and start to get treated as soldier.

That said I think the system is way to soft and the new arrival in any unit is not prepaired for what awaits him, and much is put on sub-units to sort
out the problems raised during recruit training.

Mr Happy

It's been said before several times, the army is a reflection of the civilian world around it. Although with better looking blokes.

So what happens in civi st. will happen in Barracks.


It would appear that the RA are getting a better class of recruit. Last time I was at RSA they were sniffing boot polish fumes (after lighting it) but they weren't too struck on it as it made them violent!

The link said that he was only 8 weeks into his training. How long is Phase 1 now if he was already in Phase 2? Or has ATRA cut it down to save money with the use of Computer Based Training (CBT)?

A military funeral would perhaps not be a bad thing, especially if it brought home the dangers to other young soldiers.

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