recruit inhales butane gas

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ex-dvr1, Nov 21, 2003.

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  1. Please DO NOT light candles in during the service
  2. Perhaps failing to see the point here, are you unhappy that this person is being given a full military funeral because he had not finished training or due to the circumstances of his death?
    Would it have been appropriate to allow full honours if he had simply got in a case of beer, drank it then smashed his car into a tree?
    The fact that two points of interest have come together is the only thing giving this story news credibility.
    1) He was on army property at the time of his death, would the story have carried any weight if he'd been at his home?
    2) His death was due to an addictive and dangerous pastime, sadly not uncommon, nor overly publicised, but never the less still taking its toll in human lives.
    Please clarify the degree and reason for disdain.....
  3. BB - re-read your own post and the reason for disdain is as you mentioned
    and dont put words in that arn't there, because i did not say a funeral with military honours. I said a full military funeral
  4. Sorry not being 'forces' am unclear as to difference, however 17 year-old is dead at the end of the day, as a mother/potential mother I find it abhorrent that the death of a child is the issue of debate.....Regardless of the area in which expired or the method dare I whisper another grouping of recruit deaths, reported to, pardon the pun, death and the final outcome? Still to too many a mystery
    Thank you for clarification on points of reasoning however......
  5. :lol:

    not wishing to appear insensitive on this thread, just found the above comment amusing
    I'll get me cloak
  6. This is not the first young Tom to top himself this way. There will be others. As for the Army's future anti-solvent abuse campaign.......well, we tried it with 'hash & 'E', the most commonly used substances within the age group 18 - 23 (hey, ain't the average Tom around that age?) and guess what? It was not the resounding success we hoped for. The CDT is evidence of that.

    Substance abuse is nothing to do with the Army, it's a social background thing, particularly solvent abuse. I doubt that any expensive colour brochure campaign is going to stop them. They fly in the belief that it didn't kill them before they joined why should it kill them now?

    Glad to see his parents haven't blamed us or the 'bogus bullies' for his death. Cynical as that may sound, I think that there's to much of the blame culture around at this time. His Dad seems a decent geezer.

    Military funeral? Well, I've no problems with it. Tragic waste of a young life.
  7. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Was this guy still in recruit training? I don't know about the rest of you but when I was a recruit you couldn't even think about having a w*nk without someone knowing about it.

    Where were the rest of his mates whilst this was going on? Please don't tell me we're now allowing recruits single man rooms. Surely this is the reason why 4 or 6 man rooms were the norm in the first place?

    17 years old, recruit and inhaling butane? Someone should be asking the DS a few leading questions I think.
  8. Sign of the times?, not sure what else the army can do? It is covered by an ITD now and I recon most soldiers know the serious consequences of this kind of abuse.

    Rest in peace, thoughts go out to the parents who have to suffer the loss.
  9. Quite agree SW, something sadly lacking when recruits are left to there own devices, and not monitored.
  10. mmmmmmmmmm seems a totally illogical statement, well I ask you this BFPO , would your federation you covet so dearly be able to resolve this then ?
  11. Nah Tigger.........they're too busy negotiating the length of sideburns. Word has it that 'The lads will be oot by Friday' if the managment continues with its stance.

    Seriously though folks..........what can the Army do to prevent this. You can't have an NCO with them 24/7. Cans of butane are cheap and readily accessible. It only takes a minute for a Tom to grip the nozzle with his teeth and push the can in towards his mouth and whoosh, two lungfulls of butane. This quickly travels into the blood stream and onto the major organs. Dependant upon the level of reaction, death can occur quite quickly, even in a hardened user.

    Squaddies will continue to drink themselves into oblivion, take dope despite the higher risk of being caught through CDT, abuse simple solvents/gases and eat kebabs when drunk. It's a personal thing.

    You can lead a horse to water...........
  12. I hear yah on that sideburn thing ....dam important issue..................... but I agree you cant have an NCO with them 24/7 after training, but recruits in training I disagree, these type of incidents are what the press and "conshies" thrive on , In training you can and must have someone with them 24/7.

    Dissapointed no words of wisdom from BFPO though , thought this would have been right up his/her? street.

  14. Thanks MPS I knew I knew DS had forgotten one important point, must be because I have drunken myself into oblivion celebrating the MIGHTY ENGLISH victory over the kangaroo molesters :lol:

    Your slippng DS 8O