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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jism, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. How long roughly are you a recruit in the TA for? and when you do basic do you do it with recruits in your coy or wiv recruits from other units?
  2. not sure about the time scale - it all depends on administration (paperwork) and build up training, but you will be carrying out training in your unit on evenings, with your battalion/regiment at weekends and thee two week basic is held at an army training regiment with other capbadges of a similar type, e.g infantry together, artillery, etc
  3. As above on the whole, but there are a few places where that is not the norm.

    All depends on the unit and its location and its role.
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    On average, expect about six months, if you turn up for all the training - and that won't make you deployable, just 'trained' enough to be useful to your Unit.

    Currently though, given the state (imposition of MATTs, etc) of the training regime, it could be much longer for around the next twelve months.
  5. so roughly your goin 2 be a recruit 4 about 6 months then? Then you proudly get to wear your regiments cap badge?
  6. As long as you pass... (and all goes acording to plan...) Yes.

    Then Phase 2 training starts.
  7. Aye, figure 24 months to be deployable in role, unless you're infantry.

    However, things are changing. It used to be that you'd do a 5-10 weekend long course with your Regimental Recruit Training Team, then a 2 week course at a regular army depot (for example Larkhill for the RA, Catterick for the Infantry etc.).

    This was certainly my experience many years ago, 5 weekends at Aldershot, 2 weeks at Catterick and hey presto, "Combat Infantryman".

    Changes are afoot, and now everyone whose not "Special" will do their course at a regional training centre, and the reduced frequency of weekends (from 1 per fortnight to 1 per month) means the courses go on forever.
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  12. Sorry jism, you will receive abuse on this site for using text/chav speak and rightly so.

    From my experience and what I’ve seen with my units recent recruits, the TA TAF system (basic training) takes approximately 12 months to complete (although it appears to be constantly changing).

    It could take you longer or you could get though the system quicker, it really depends on how often the courses you need to attend are currently being run, how much time you can get off work, if there are any fek ups along the way, and how good your units admin is.

    I completed TAF 1 &2 + trade training in 11 months, then TAF 3 1 month later.
    I’ve seen others complete trade training within weeks of starting TAF 1.

    It’s a lottery, expect to spend 1yr as a recruit.

    Chaps when speaking to recruits, please hold back on the abuse, we’re undermanned as it is and we should be helping them.

    MSR – you should know better
  13. thanks very much for your support Goku, a year as a recruit seems really long. do you have to wear all the rank kit? because when i was in th ACF i was a recruit for a fair while and was issued crap kit and a crap hat haha. is this what happens in the TA infantry?
  14. Hi Jism, like people have said it all depends on your unit where you are going to be doing basic and availability of courses. I maneged to do my basic in 6 months, then do the first two weeks of my trade course with in a year. As far as kit goes you go through basic with issue kit just like every one else wears.

    One other thing it also depends on your availability, I am lucky I have a understanding employer and a flexible job.
  15. Genius!!! :salut: