Recruit in public wearing uniform?

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Well basically I'm a recruit at the moment. A reservist for now to see where it takes me etc. So have all my kit and uniform etc. My partner works at a large sport complex and the chairman out of the blue has asked if I can lay a wreath on behalf of them this Sunday at the war memorial nearby by as the usual member of the club who does it is away on exercise in Norway. Now hes been in the regs for a number of years so always does it in dress. I'm just a recruit at the moment I know but could I do this in my combats? Barrack shirt and beret etc. Or is that not a thing to do. Especially as a recruit. I'm used to seeing people do similiar in dress or vets wearing berets with jackets in regimental colours and medals. Don't want to be looking daft or even worse and looking like some walt.
Thanks and piss taking more than welcome.
I think you need to steer clear of this one and stick to your units organised activities. You wont be dressed properly, wont know what to do and probably should be at the unit anyway



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If you are not such a bigger Walt as the other walts in you local British Walts League Garden Shed
Clear it with your Reserve Unit not a bunch of p1ss takers on here. Only takes one incident to end your military career before it starts, get permission first
If I were you I'd check the Army Dress Regulations (ADR), they are normally quite comprehensive and also check with your superior staff, just to be on the safe side.
Do you honestly think a reserve recruit will be able to find dress regs?

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