Recruit Dies at Parris Island

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by CorpsPrincess, Mar 2, 2005.

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  1. Uhoh...Mothers of America will be salivating over this one!

    An autopsy revealed 19-year-old Jason Tharp drowned last week during water survival training at the Marine Corps boot camp at Parris Island, S.C.

    Video shot on Feb. 7, the day before Tharp's death, by NBC affiliate WIS-TV in Columbia, S.C., shows Tharp, visibly shaken and almost terrified, taking a forearm shot from a Marine drill instructor.

    In the Marines only five weeks, Tharp had written seven letters home telling his family he wanted out. His father, John Tharp, claims Jason had been singled out by drill instructors because he couldn't keep up with the rigorous basic training.

    "I don’t know how they could treat my son the way we saw on that video," says Tharp. "He never hurt nobody. He'd do anything anybody asked him."

    During last week's training, Tharp, seen on the WIS-TV video, at first refused to get into the water.

    "He's just afraid because he is not able to do the swim correctly right now, and he just wants to leave and go home," said Staff Sgt. Anthony Davis on the Feb. 7 videotape.

    After 20 minutes of trying to coax Tharp into the pool, the drill instructor turned physical in apparent violation of Marine Corps regulations — striking Tharp across the chest.

    "That right there, where this Marine grabs the recruit, this is not how you treat recruits," said Eugene Fidell, the president of the National Institute of Military Justice, when NBC News showed him the video. "I mean, this is a wrongful touching. Basically, it's an assault."

    Marine Corps officials say Tharp voluntarily entered the pool the next day, where he drowned during a 25-meter swim. Officials also say there's no early evidence of any misconduct by Marine instructors at the time Jason drowned, but the conduct caught on camera the day before raises questions about exactly what happened in that pool.

    Jason's father is considering a wrongful-death lawsuit against the Marines.

    "We just want justice for Jason," says Tharp. "To get some kind of bill passed to where this won't happen to another family."

    The Navy and Marines are investigating Jason's death and the conduct of the drill instructors who were supposed to protect him.

    COLUMBIA, S.C. - A drill instructor who struck a Marine recruit who later died during training has been suspended pending an investigation into the death, military officials said Friday.

    Jason Tharp of Sutton, W.Va., drowned Feb. 8 while participating in a water-survival training course at Parris Island.

    The day before his death, a Columbia television station recorded a confrontation between Tharp and the drill instructor, who was seen in the video grabbing Tharp by the shirt and striking him in the chest.

    The instructor, who was not identified, has been reassigned to administrative duties, said Capt. Jamie Nott, a Parris Island spokesman.

    Nott acknowledged that grabbing and striking a recruit violates regulations.

    Another drill instructor told WIS-TV that Tharp had refused to get in the water. "He's just afraid because he is not able to swim correctly right now, and he just wants to leave and go home," Staff Sgt. Anthony Davis said.

    Officials say Tharp entered the pool voluntarily the day he died and was swimming the 25-meter requirement. They say Marines at the pool took immediate action to rescue and resuscitate him.

    The victim's father, Johnny Tharp, told the television station his son joined the Marines to earn money for college. "I don't know how they could treat my son the way we saw him," Tharp said
  2. So, does that mean he failed the course?
  3. LMAO.

    They would have you head in the forum I got this from...calling me heartless for pointing out what an idiot and slacker this recruit must've been!
  4. Oh please darling, tell me what in your vast military experience makes you think this recruit was an "idiot and slacker"?
  5. I have seen a few RM's recruits spend a fair time under water before being dragged out - makes you wonder how long they left him in there before dragging him out...
  6. C'mon darling, I really want your deep insight into this. It is bootcamp, it's there to weed out those who can't hack it.


    *edited because I still can't spell.
  7. But not the lungs to finish by all accounts.....
  8. First of all, there is NOTHING I hate more than when people assume that because I am not enlisted, I don't know what's going on. Corp, you KNOW that if an active duty/retired Marine posted the exact same thing you would have taken it seriously.

    Second, I've read a number of article's on this incident and that recruit: he had NO IDEA what bootcamp was going to be like when he enlisted. In this day and age, that is a stupid thing to do. Reason enough for me to label him an idiot. On that note, if he did know he did NOTHING to prepare himself for bootcamp: if after 5 weeks he was still falling behind on everything that means that before he left he was not running and working out the way he should have been. Also, knowing he couldn't swim and that he was joining the MARINE Corps, he should have gotten at least SOME help before he left for boot. More reason for me to think this kid was probably a moron.

    Third, from the sound of his letters and such, he was not pushing himself because he didn't want to be there. That to me screams "slacker". I have a stress fracture in my lower spine and a heart condition. I still managed to complete one semester (after that my heart got way too sensitive) of Army ROTC. Believe it or not, our PT regimine was MUCH harder than probably 70% of the Army's. The only people in the Army who work out as hard or harder than we do are Spec Ops/Ranger types. With my laundry list of injuries, it is pathetic that I could do more than this recruit.
  9. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    do you think this Ex-recruit is a candidate for the mong thread? :twisted:
  10. WRONG TOOTS! If The Gunny from GIJargon, a man that I respect greatly, posted that, I would call him on it.

    NOBODY knows what bootcamp is going to be like, it's one of those things you have to experience to full understand. The kid couldn't hack it, fine, at least he tried.

    My God, you make me sick. Run along and get back to your knitting.
  11. [/quote]
    My God, you make me sick. Run along and get back to your knitting.[/quote]

    Ok, has anyone ever told you that you are one sexist SOB?

    Why is everyone so frickin scared to just come out and say that this kid made a number of VERY stupid decisions? Why does everyone feel the need to hold him up on a pedastal and act like he was just an innocent six year old boy learning how to ride a bike when a crazed Marine Corps came and brutally attacked him, ending his life??

    HE made the decision to join without getting ANY information on bootcamp or preparing himself AT ALL. HE made the decision to go and then not TRY (as you are so fond of pointing out how much he TRIED) to better himself.

    Granted, he should have been placed in one of those remedial platoons, but his instructors thought they could improve him. They made a mistake. But what no one wants to recognize here is that SO DID THE RECRUIT.
  12. Princess, You are talking about someone who has lost their life; bear that in mind when you refer to him as a slacker... The thread is about his death in training, who cares if you did ROTC with a heart defect or ginger hair!

    As pointed out by Corp, he had a stab at training and it was not to his taste. I suspect that the "code red" angle that has been reported on, could have a very limited grain of truth to it. I hope not, as this does not reflect well on anyone. But if it does, then people should be punished. Basic training is not about being super hard or learning to run like a Ranger; it is about building discipline, teamwork, trust and by association, integrity.

    So next time you shoot your mouth off about what a slacker he was, or how far you can run with your disabilities; bear in mind what training is about and that this young mans mother and father will be pre-deceased by one of their children...
  13. I do feel very sorry for his parents. No one should have to outlive their child.

    I haven't heard anything about a Code Red, but I have heard that it was probably a suicide (or an attempted suicide for attention that he botched).

    My point about my injuries is that if I can do it, why can't he? I successfully completed three months of rigorous training (although most of you probably wouldn't believe that it actually is hard) why was he having so many problems?
  14. Here's another question:

    If this recruit had lived and had been recycled 4 times before eventually just getting the boot, would everyone still be giving him the pat on the back, "at least you tried, son"?
  15. Does it matter? The fact is the responsibility of that lad belonged to the staff, and they failed. If he couldn't cut it, why didn't they bin him?