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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by speedybham, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. i left ta in 2005, i now want to rejoin ta and will prob need to redo recruit course, told its more that the 2 weeks and you need to do a few more days, and theres a bit more too it... anyone know whats changed since 2001?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Lots of things, I suspect.

    Best you go down to your local unit and ask.

  3. It depends, non infantry complete recruit selection, x6 weekends at an RTC, x2 weeks CMS(R) and phase two.

    Infantry do recruit selection, x9 weekends at an RTC and x2 weeks CIC at Catterick.

    Some units such as HAC and 4Para have special leave to run their own selection and recruit training (if you are with these units check with them).

    If your unit has their recruits trained at an RTC their may also be an option to complete Ph1 and or Ph2 on a x2week or longer cadre, such as the Ex Summer Challenge, this year at 4Div RTC (SE) it was x9 weeks long. It included Ph1 complete, adventure training, a driving cadre and phase 2.
  4. wow, in 2001 i did a couple of weekends consisting of mainly drinking (until you signed on the dotted line) followed by two weeks none stop. Is the content of the courses any different or is it just the time of completing it??
  5. Well let me see

    Since 2001 we have a new rifle with slightly different drills, first aid has changed, there's different MATTs etc etc etc

    So I'd imagine that yes, the content of the new improved recuits course has changed
  6. what, first aid. we didn't cover that too much the large field dressing was suitable for all types of injury! if that failed you always had the morphine. so i guess thats an improvement on before and abit more reassuring in the current climate that first aid content has changed. :D
  7. You will find a stark contrast between the TA of 2001 and the TA of now. The TA has grown up rapidly since it became the reserve of 1st choice, out goes drinking club, in comes many, many, many operational tours.

    Recruit training is rigorous and robust in comparison to 7 years ago, whatever some may whinge about in the changes to the syllabus over the recent years it HAS lead to a better standard of recruit/basic trained soldier at the other end.
  8. Recruit training involves drill, skills at arms, map reading, CBRN, first aid, and pt. The first 4 weekends are lessons weekend 5 is in the field and weekend 6 is an assessment weekend on all you have learnt. I haven't done the two week CMSR yet but I expect it is more of the same and in more detail plus live firing and tabbing.
  9. Its nice to know your getting more in the basic training now, the changes seem like a change for the betters specially with army commitments being what they are now.

    I posted my previous application on sept 9th 2001 a few days later the world changed for ever, i guess the training needed to change to suit.
  10. The only difference is they've actually started binning people now, rather than the special Olympics (everyone's a winner for taking part) attitude they had in the past.

    I would argue it's far less "rigorous and robust in comparison to 7 years ago", they only do one tab on CMS(R) and it's just a 4 mile CFT without rifle or helmet.

    And they don't seem to bother with things like keeping your room tidy or standing to attention and reciting your number by your bed space any more, or polishing boots and ironing kit well.

    CIC standards have increased recently though. Not sure about other arms trade training.
  11. "The first 4 weekends are lessons weekend 5 is in the field and weekend 6 is an assessment weekend on all you have learnt"... im sure theres alot of other stuff chucked in there?? running etc....... im starting my 6 weekends in january......
  12. Im guessing the first four weeks 'lessons' are not in a nice warm classroom :D
  13. I agree that the subject areas taught are done well, but more could be done with regards to fitness and as Mark has said more of the normal Army bullsh*t. Locker inspections I agree would be difficult, but show parades, standing by your beds when instructors come in etc. would help filter through some of the discipline better.
  14. Lessons are done In classrooms bar a couple, you will do PT aswell (running and circuit training).
  15. Although reference locker layouts, from what I can gather the RMR recruits have a locker at their RMR unit that gets Inspected every Tuesday which has to be gleaming.