Recruit Colour Codes

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by WhiteHorse, Nov 18, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone know which colours are supposed to signify which stage of training recruits are at? ie which colour do TAFs wear? when does it change etc I think the colours used are Red, Yellow and Blue but who wears what?
  2. That might be a unit thing because I haven't seen anyone wearing any colours.
  3. I thought so to, but it appears its supposed to be Army wide! They wear a coloured ribbon etc around a plain rank slide.
  4. Not made it into our Phase 1 training wing yet.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    It's an old idea that has been recycled. Probably by someone senior who asked a Class 4 soldier to do a Class 3 soldier's job...

  6. Why not red for basic training, yellow for trade training and green for FFR? or is that all a little too logical?
  7. /\ I think its to avoid the odd recruit being made to look after the GPMG and ammo etc

    edited to add, And so old bugger's like me stop mixing up the TAFS and GAPs troops
  8. Recruits around our mob can generally be seen sporting red for TAFS, yellow for continuation training (between TAFS and CMSR(V)), I have no idea about those going onto GAP - possibly blue if that's what you have observed. I always thought it was a training team/regimental thing.

    The tabs are generally removed when on parades or other formal occaisions.
  9. At Bordon, the course senior wears a yellow stripe.

    Sounds a bit scout like. I'm pink and you're mauve, so I'm better than you.
  10. For the regs It's not a bad idea, They can tell at a glance who is as what stage in Trg. Bear in mind that their audience is 99% the same. for the TA, while it would let Instructors know who is on what w/e. The admin of this would be a nightmare. With People working shiftwork and varying their Trg attendance it would be chaotic, to sort out who is wearing this colour on the Friday night and then collecting them back in on the sunday.
  11. Shouldn't you know what standard each of the bods in your unit are? You should at the very least know which are the new faces and shouldn't be left with the GPMG & ammo. Or don't the NCOs turn up very often?
  12. True, within my unit I know who's who, however we are conducting recruit training with 3 other regiments now and can have over 100 toms on a weekend some TAFS and some GAPs, hence we need to know where they are as they have no idea!

    Even after we split them into TAFS and GAPs and then into smaller syndicates they still end up in the wrong class after the first break! At least the instructor can tell at a glance that, even though the whole course has agreed that they are all here for Introduction into defication in the field, the lad with a blue ribbon in a squad of red ribbons is in the wrong place!
  13. Funny I would have said it would be better the other way round.

    When I was in basic we had eppulette bands that signified troops, mine was orange and silver for Le Cateau Tp, after we passed off the square we were allowed to put our collar bombs through the bands. This was done mainly for moral reasons but our To Sgt didn't bother with the bombs as it wrecked the bands for the next intake. In reg training a colour system would be pointless as most troops would be as exactly the same point. The only exceptiopn to the rule could be Phase 2 training that takes place at the School, not sure if they do signify the recruits, sorry Phase 2 Soldiers :roll: from the rest of us.

    For the TA, not sure about the taskings but it could be used like an achievement thing, for example I know the HAC don't issue berets till end of recruits course
  14. I've seen it before.... Red for Tafs Blue for Gap? or the other way around :)

    Its a good idea so Troop can quickly see who's at what stage of training.
  15. I've seen some with white eppulette bands, what do they mean?