Recruit bounty

Is there any sort of national policy on people getting, say £100, when they bring a recruit in and that person successfully completes their CMSR? Or is it run on a unit by unit basis?

IIRC, the RFCAs set a £250 bounty per soldier completing phase 1 trg.

ie, TAFS CMSR and GAP.

Get 'em through the door and signed up, 8-12 months later Kerching...
Can you find me a reference for that, or was it just your local RFCA?

I've moved out of the unit and recruiting, however I still know a lady who's a wizard in these matters. I shall email her and get back as soon as I can.
We were told "£50 for each recruit that gets attested, followed by a further £200 when they pass phase 2". Offer open until November 06, no purchase neccesary, see T&Cs, bring your own sun lotion etc etc.

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