RECRUIT BOUNTY SCHEME-Gunners Get Cash for Recruiting

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by The_Saint, Nov 15, 2005.

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  1. Just got hold of a document about a new recruiting scheme that will run over Christmas and is open to the Gunners and Infantry. I know a thread relates to this in the Infantry area but i've seen no Gunner comment on the subject. In essence the story is this:

    The RBS will reward eligible officers and soldiers in the RA and Infantry with a bounty of £650 (gross) for every individual they successfully introduce into the regular RA and Infantry as a soldier. To encourage RBS recruits to be nurtured during training, the bounty will be paid in one single payment after successful completion of Phase 2 training (for RA) and the Combat Infantry Course (for Infantry) for over-18 and ADC recruits, and after the DAOR period ends for under-18 recruits (including those at AFC, excluding those at ADC). Limiting the trial to 2 months with an end date of 31 Jan 06, increases the chance of capturing all the takers as in-year enlisters, but all cards handed in at careers offices for eligible trades within the trial period will be honoured regardless of when the recruit enlists. The careers offices will treat RBS recruits as committed applicants. The trial is limited to officers and soldiers in the RA and Infantry. Personnel involved in recruiting full-time (members of RG, recruiters and members of AYTs/RRTs) are not eligible, as bounties should not be paid for individuals who would have been recruited anyway.

    The bottom line is the Gunners are the worst recruited Arm, worse even than the Infantry, this year - not good. This scheme is great but fails to address the key issue - why are the Gunners the worst recruited? It doesn't matter how much money we give our soldiers if they don't know how to sell the product, or the product's faulty no one is going to buy.
    Shame too they didn't open this up to the TA as well, even RAAs, reservists etc - who cares who gets the recruits in?
    Comments :?:
  2. Sounds like now is the time for affiliated units to get down to your local Army Cadet Unit, offer some help/kit and earn some cash, but might be stepping on the toes of the local army recruiting team?
  3. my unit did not get the committed recruit cards until 16 DEc...the day we went on leave. 600 were given to the Regiment...return thus far....nil!!!!

    if we do get them out, the chances of a potential recruit dragging himself along to the careers office before 31 Jan is fairly unlikely.

    if he goes after 31 money for soldier who recruited him.

    as usual ...timing at the top sucks!!
  4. I think you will find that all cards issued to Pot recs will be honoured by RG
  5. yes..................if processing of recruit begins by 31 Jan!!!
  6. AS90 regts have been on a bizarre cycle which has just finished thanks to the AD/depth boys startng to do Cyprus) which started with TELIC 1:

    Iraq - 6 months
    Camp - 6 months
    Cyprus - 6 months
    Camp - 18 months (prep for trg year)
    Iraq - 6 months

    I'm sure that the lack of recruiting has something to do with us being deployed out of role for so long - if I had wanted to be an infanteer, i would have joined a Inf regt (come on the Royal Anglians - Poacher obviously) - am sure the recruits think the same.

    In terms of deployemnts, who would want to join the Gunners? Even worse for Officers who get posted from one deployment to another to catch... more inf role tours! Nice.

    Also, our living and working conditions aren't brilliant - the new home of the Gunners, Larkhill, is a sh1thole as was Woolwich - Tidworth is a f*cking disgrace. Mind you, Germany is cracking (but the boys don't want to go there as it's too far from home, mum, girlfriend etc).

    Mind you, maybe it needs Gods in HQ DRA sorting this out and ensuring that RRTs work harder and go everywhere and try to recruit. I've never done it but surely the best of the Regt should be sent to RRTs rather than Officers awaiting posting and soldiers waiting to be discharged (I know that this is a generalisation and I am sure good guys get sent there but in my experience, this is what gets sent there).

    Info received and post started on 14 Nov, mastergnr's unit received on 6 Dec. That smacks of HQ DRA doing naff all and sitting on this OR them not receiving the info from higher.

    What I do like is the fact that all ranks can now do it - didn't it used to be just soldiers - we are now in this recruiting business as one big family.

    Rant over, summary: HQ DRA - finger out ARRSE and sell the Gunners. Govt - give more money for improving working and living conditions to attract and keep boys and al us to do your job (by not getting rid of 4 Inf bns on NI peace dividend - obviously the Army isn't business and doesn't need them - we are Gunners not badly trained infantryman).