Recreational Rioting

Just saw the Chief Constable of PSNI describing last nights riots. Looks clued up, this is off his bio on the PSNI website:
Chief Constable Matt Baggott CBE, QPM, BA (Hons)

Matt Baggott, the Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, spent the first twenty years of his service with the Metropolitan Police, where his career was operationally focused in the inner city, notably Tooting, Brixton and Peckham, as well as leading policy reviews on issues such as partnership, regeneration and inner city crime. *

Tooting, Brixton and Peckham. That explains it!
If the faggot was clued up we could re-open the kesh with these fenian *******. I hear theres a lot there from Dungannon so I'm orf there tomorrow to feck there wives and ssters.
Alot of dissidents from Armagh, Newry and Londonderry travelled in "solidarity" with Ardoyne. Pity a few never travelled back in a brown box.

Only a more serious note Martin Meehan's son called the people to Ardoyne with the motto " No Parade - No Violence ", is Meehan now going to be lifted under the, 1987 Public Order act NI?

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