Yesterday I finished a 2 hour thrashing on my bike somewhat knackered and thought I would be in desperate need of a rest day tomorrow (today!). The previous 3 days were spent running, running and swimming. Today however, I wake up and am raring to get out and do more phys, common sense dictates that I allow for recovery days in my regime but the urge to get out and do more is getting too strong to resist.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Yes and it caused me problems.

You need rest days scheduled in your fitness regime as they are important as running, swimming, cycling etc. Not letting your body recover will give you injurys which will mean you have to stop training. Doing too much you are also at the risk of burning out which menas you will just loose intrest in fitness and will feel like you "Can't be bothered"

My 2 pence:
A scheduled day off is better than a unscheduled year off.

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