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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by devilish, Jun 15, 2006.

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  1. Hi all, just in to look for a bit of advice.

    I recently(yesyerday to be precise) had the toe nails removed from both large toes and also had a chemical applied to both toes to stop the nail growing back.

    My question is as per the title, how long can I expect to sit on my arrse before I'm full fit again? The doc that did the procedure was talking along the lines of 4-6 months!!! Surely I'll recover quicker than that?

    Any help gratefully recieved.
  2. I actually had the same thing done 6 weeks ago.

    Mine still haven't healed and i have had an ongoing infection for the last 4 weeks despite following a strict regime of clean dressings and salt water foot baths.

    I've been on antibiotics for 4 weeks and have had a swab taken AND x-rays to see if there is an abcess.

    I was told 4 - 6 weeks til they heal - that was obviously bollocks! I reckon another 4 weeks if i can get the infection to go.

    I was up and running / cycling after a few days. I would however advise that you don't knock ur toes - it feckin hurts like mad.

    In hindsight i wish I'd never had it done. Ingrowing toenails were less hassle.
  3. Christ that's all i need, I am glad I got it done at the moment, the things used to hurt like hell until i took a scalpel to them once the pain became unbearable, thanks for the reply.
  4. Ooooh, nail avulsion with matrix phenolisation. About as much fun as you can have with your clothes on. I've just stuck to the scalpel approach devilish although suture removal blades are a bit better than plain scalpel blades.
    I'm definitely not convinced by the whole toenail removal job. Let me know how it heals though, could be worth it for a few weeks on my arrse.
  5. I'll keep you all posted on recovery, I'm off on holiday next week for 2 weeks in the sun so hopefully that will help with the recovery, sitting on my arrse in the sun for 2 weeks should help I think.
  6. Have you been told to keep them dressed or open to the air?
  7. Dressed for the next couple of day, then after showers allow to dry naturally and re-dress with clean sterile dressings.
  8. I had to keep mine dressed for 4 weeks but i don't think it helped keeping them covered!

    I think the best thing is what you are doing...however i would soak them in warm saturated salt water for 5 mins twice a day, then dry them naturally. It will help kill off any bugs.

    Fingers crossed you dont get an infection mate. Its a nightmare. I think the infection came via wearing boots for work, can't be right keeping them cooped up.

    Good luck. Let me know how you get on.

    P.S. I was back in work the next day - no sick chit!
  9. That sounds completely sh*t.. what was wrong that they had to do that? And what did you ever do to the doc who mutilated you like that?

  10. Had bad ingrowing toenails from when i was a kid that just got worse and worse in adult life.

    As for the Chiropodist...they should have received the letter by now....
  11. A cautionary note. The Docs instructions are non negotiable, i.e. a direct order to enable you recovery. If it was a civil Doc it would be endorsed by MOD. If you decide to rush things, as commendable as it is that you want to get fit again ASP, you could find yourself in trouble for prolonging the recovery time. It would be deemed as self inflicted. (A frind of mine barely completed the REME marathon a few years ago and was rushed to the first aid tent due to dehydration. The knob medic wanted to charge him for self infliction - a marathon - self infliction!)

    Anyway, be careful.

    If however you do want to start training earlier (and I know you will, I would personally too and no Doc or ARRSE guy will stop you!) why not X-Train. There are plenty of disciplines that would not involve friction on your toes. Static bike, rowing, step machine etc. all bare foot (ask gym queen, you'll have to be super hygenic) or with sports sandles. Then theres weights etc. Can you go in the pool? If so do some cardio work in the water. Speak to the Doc again, maybe he's got some good ideas. Ask physio and gym queen him/herself. They are geared up for rehab. Good luck, I hope you recover quickly and without difficulty.
  12. Which is why i went civvy. More comeback on them. As I'm having now. :wink:

    No barefoot P.T.. Both civvy and Service doctors say no. Even with sandals - too much bacteria in gyms, plus if you catch the toe on something you'll damage the toe even more - and trust me it really hurts like f**k!

    Highest concentration of bacteria surounds pools. Even shower water is a no-no unless followed up with a salt water bath. You have to keep the feet well away from water.

    Even the wearing of boots is a nightmare and I believe that is where i contracted my infection. A 24hr QRF does not help things no matter how much you try to "air" the feet.
  13. Many thanks Bossdog. That narrows X-Training right down bacause hygene seems to be the major issue. If I had no option left available to me I would personally buy a static bike or Nordic Track or rowing machine etc. second hand or new and train at home 'till your hearts content. If you are single it may be a squeeze in your room but keeping fit would outweigh inconvenience. Once finished with kit you could sell it, you might make a bit of a loss but that's too bad and expected.

    Strangely enough my wife has a Nordic Track and Static Bike (with magnetic fly wheel) that she's been meaning to put up for sale for ages! £100 for the two! Cheap as chips! We're in NI so collection would be a problem.

    Anyway, probably impractical but PM me for info. if interested.

    But I'd still ask all the people I mentioned before. The military can't expect you to sit and do nothing for 6 months. They must have rehab in place for this. In fact I'm going to enquire tomorrow and will let you know as soon as.
  14. Ex LIONHEART in '84. Room mate wore thick white wooly fishermans socks for 4 weeks and did not once take his boots off!!!! Minger was proud of the fact!!!! Frenchy you smelly twat!!!!
  15. You are missing the point mate! I have been out running and cycling from one week after the procedure. The infection, although a pain in the arse and painful, isn't a problem and i have worked as normal (albeit the minimum dosage of painkiller - 2x 30/500 Co-codamol are the least i can take to reduce the pain).

    Its not the fact you can't work - you can train and work as normal. Both civvy and service doctors agree on this. Its almost painless after the procedure. The only pain comes from infection. It looks like a horrendous pair of wounds but they're not, as long as you don't get them infected.

    I was unfortunate, even with a stringent anti-bacterial regime i caught an infection, but its not the end of the world. It just means that i have to take antibiotics and dress/ bathe my feet. I was unlucky that i have contracted two different bacterias and so have needed two different antibiotics - flucloxicillan and Metronidazole. The infection recurred so its taken longer for me to recover, but i have been FE throughout and undergone P.O. Training, CFT's and BPFA's and normal duties without complaint or hinderance to my ability.

    P.S. Cheers for the offer of exercise equipment to fit in my room, however I am a member of a local gym and MTB club, get plenty of fitness and don't live in camp (homeowner)! Cheers anyway though :D