Recovery time for November 9th AOSB.

I've been training for my November 9th AOSB pretty well.

I usually run 3 days a week and weight lift the other 3 - with a day for rest.

Of the three runs, two are 1.5 miles (partly due to being before I leave the house) and Sunday's is 3 or occassionally 4.5 miles.

The weight lifting is a split set routine, which has produced pretty decent strength gains since summer.

On Sunday I went to my first lesson at a new Thai Boxing club in town. I've trained on/off for 4-5 years, but have had a break since leaving university in May.

When I went for my 1.5 mile run yesterday (Tuesday) it took me around a minute longer than my more recent time due to aching, stiff legs - particularly my groin.

I can directly attribute this to our stetching session. It feels ok, but would definitely hamper performance if I did it again.

Bearing in mind progress has been made over the past few months in all areas - and I have been pretty commited to my timetable, is now the time to take a break?

I was planning to do one last chest/triceps/situps sessions tonight and leave weights until after my briefing in 6 days.

I can't think I would see any strength improvements with an extra workout before my briefing and would be better to sleep and eat well.

Not sure when to do my last run or two and how far - but I seem to get better times after 3-4 days rest.

I am less sure/knowledgable on the short-term effects of squeezing more running in though - could I reasonably expect any CV gains this close, or converersely a dropoff by resting?

I'm no expert, so any advice on how to maximise performance next week would be appreciated!

Thanks, Alex

PS. Written on my phone, so lay off typo bashing!
When I used to comete, 2-3 days of complete rest was the norm prior to the date.

As long as you're fit, CV will decline after 3-4 days, but it will take quite a while to drop enough for you to be concerned about.

If it is the briefing you're preparing for, I would personally say rest and the briefing isn't that CV intensive (but it will be difficult if you're trying to do it with a strain on the other side of the coin).
I run every third day, so if I go tonight and again on saturday I figure I'll be good for tuesday. Will do a mixed cardio session on thursday night and weights on saturday, then rest on sunday.
On reflection, I think 1.5 miles tomorrow and a good healthy - but tidy form - 3 miler on Saturday?

Will stick with last weights session tonight - but I'll make it a good one!
Stick to routine - then it doesn't screw you up. It's only briefing, hardly arduous! Good to loosen up the morning before as well; I find it helps performance.
You're not running a marathon. AOSB is not physically demanding in any shape or form if you have even the most basic level of fitness. Relax and don't over-think things at AOSB like you're doing now.
Thanks guys, should be ok I think. I just got my itinary through for the Potential Officers' Course two weeks later and that looks a little more tough!

At least I'll know what to expect more by then.
P-Ride said:
Thanks guys, should be ok I think. I just got my itinary through for the Potential Officers' Course two weeks later and that looks a little more tough!

At least I'll know what to expect more by then.
Sounds like you are going Colchester? Yes the pace does look a bit more ... brisk.

I'm the short arse with glasses :)
I know there was a thread on this already, but it moved in another direction.

Is the PO course you are talking about a 'generic' infantry one that stands apart from specific regimental PO visits?
P-Ride said:
Ar Larkhill? I am indeed.

Are you in there with me - or are you one of the chaps waiting to inflict pain on us?

Went recently, very enjoyable visit.

Look forward to being ragged around silly by the pti's. All in good fun though..............
I'm there with you, looks like it should be good fun. I'm training pretty hard at the moment so hopefully won't end up making a tit of myself and quite looking forward to the assault course.
P-Ride & Rinaldi - It's really good fun! The RA has been the best PO visit I've been on, great bunch of guys there who make you feel at home and some honest Sgt's who tell you what they think.

Not that physically intensive apart from having to lift team mates for Cas-Evacs and the 100m crawl after the assualt course. You'll be fine.

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