Recovery time for a broken fibula?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Tartan_Terrier, May 8, 2012.

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  1. I was unfortunate enough to break my fibula at the end of January this year, quite a clean simple break. At the time I was told six weeks in a cast and Bob's your uncle. I had the cast thing off in the middle of March, but I'm still walking with a limp (sometimes a semi, but mostly a limp...) and quite frankly it's starting to get a bit annoying...

    This is the first time I've broken anything apart from my nose, and if it's going to take this long to heal every time, I'm certainly not going to do it again (if I can help it!).

    Ányone here been in a similar position? How long did it take before you could run again?

    Or should I just resign myself to it?

    At present I'm seriously considering buying a long leather trenchcoat and a fedora and pretending to be Herr Flick of the Gestapo.

  2. Was it a full leg cast ? I broke my tibula years ago and limped for a good couple of years, different bone of course so al I can do is wish you good luck and a speedy recovery.
  3. Cheers Polar! No luckily it was only below the knee. A couple of years of limping? Noooo! It's going to play havoc with my PFT time.
  4. I had a full leg cast so couldn't bend the knee for 3 months, hence the limping. Also had no physio as I broke it in Scotland whilst on holiday, local NHS gave me the big F of. I assume you are under a physio ?
  5. I broke fib and tib diagonally down the bones from knee to ankle. Full leg cast for 6 weeks, half leg for 6 weeks. At the time of cast removal I was told I'd be unable to run on it for 12 months but was running around fine after 3. I've since had stress fractures in the same leg following attendance of an arduous course but they healed after 4 months without impact PT. I have no problems from it at all now. I believe your age will have a big effect on your recovery time.
  6. I can't edit posts from Dii.

    I limped for around a month after having the cast removed but I think this was due to have one leg belonging to Thor and the other on loan from Gollum.

  7. 1) where on the fibula was the fracture? Edit....seen
    2) did you have it xrayed after the PoP came off to check for healing status?
    3) what did the fracture clinic tell you when they took the cast off?

    The problem with fibular fractures is that, essentially, the tib and fib form a circle through the joints top and bottom, so its very difficult to get an isolated break at one point without damage somewhere else on the 'ring'. (try breaking a coconut ring biscuit in one place)
    This means that although the break was a singular one, you may well have damaged the ligaments that attach the fibula to the tibia at either of the joints.

    View attachment tib fib ring.bmp

    Also, your time in a cast will have weakened your injured leg so the muscles can take time to build back to full strength, causing fatigue.
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  8. Broke my tib and fib a few years back skateboarding, took 6 months to heal, the week after my cast came off I did my RN entrance fitness test at the Afco.

  9. 1) How did you see where the break was? Have you been secretly accessing my medical records? :viking: It was about an inch from the bottom of the bone.

    2) Yes

    3) "Walk over there. Walk back. Goodbye"

    Me "Don't you want to look at my ankle? Do I need physio or anything? When can I run again?"

    "No, you'll be fine. Don't run for a couple of weeks though"

    Polar: No physio. I think I'm going to have to talk to my doc about it though.

    Spaz: Good point. I'm in my forties so I can imagine it'll take a bit longer than if I was in my twenties.
  10. I saw your later post about it being 'just below the knee' and misinterpreted it, but all I said still stands (unlike you :-D )
  11. Broke my tibia in 1959, Cumberland wrestling with a Scotsman in South Wales. Had it plastered at RAF St Athan Hospital. But it kept slipping so was shipped in an Anson to RAF Wraughton where it was plated. After couple of weeks to ensure it had set moved to MRU Chessington. Lots of PT, physo, etc before and after the plaster came off. Returned to Unit with a 6 week light duty chit and then back to basic training. 50 years on I still limp a bit in the cold or end of a long day. Don't worry all will be well.

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  12. just for the record, a fractured TIBIA and a fractured FIBULA are two very different beasts!
  13. I suffered a spiral fracture to my left fibula, 2 ruptured ligaments, a broken calcaneus, and a displaced ankle in September 2002 whilst playing rugby. I have a full leg cast for 4 weeks, followed by a below knee cast for a further 2 weeks. I was back playing full contact rugby in January 2003. I have no limp, and no major issues with my leg. The only minor problem is the flexibility in my ankle is not as good as in my right ankle.
  14. The mess webly should sort it out with minimum dignity issues.

    Did you see the grand national?
  15. Our mess doesn't have a Webley, it has a SIG P210. Probably just as effective though.

    No, I didn't. Did I miss anything?

    Was at the doc's and then the hospital, where I was told that it's healed slightly off kilter. Going to see a specialist in a few weeks to hear what they can do.