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Discussion in 'REME' started by ally_tol3, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. I am mid way through basic now, on long weekend and im loving it, iv been asked if i want to trade trades and i want to chage to a recovery mechanic, does any one know if there are phase two intake dates? coming up? at the moment i am goign to trade as a driver rad op in rlc which is somehting i do not want to do after havign a re think.
  2. dont forget to ask for the £500 golden hello
  3. golden hello ???
  4. Go for it big man, recy mechs get bigger toys than gay rad ops!
  5. yeah, indeed but i have the grades plus gti score but if there is no dates coming up for me to go to seme i wont be able to change, so need to find out...
  6. my son is a Reccy Mech thats what they give him at the end of phase two, Reccy Mech is a restricted trade thats why they have asked you to choose a new trade. Ask and you will recive

    PS dont forget my cut
  7. wot do u mean a restricted trade?
  8. its a trade that is undermaned so they do there very best to keep people interest, "Restricted" may not be the correct term
  9. thats good for me then, because in my platoon there is 5 off us who want to change to recky mech
  10. Go for it Ally, I am in a REME Battalion and can tell you Recovery Mechanics work like ten men, the only qualification you need is to be vile and be able to participate in "boys" antics at every opportunity.
  11. good luck!!
  12. Do it, you wont regret it one bit, Recy mech is the best trade to go for if you want excitement and job satisfaction. You'll work like a maniac on Operational tours, Recovering disabled tanks off the battlefield will give you an immense sense of pride.
  13. When I come back I wanna be a recce mech! What a feckin life :p well it was a great job 20 years ago! Things might have changed now :cry:
  14. Im a Recy Mech mate, has its up`s and down`s like most trades (and im not talking about the Jib!) But its a good laugh and your a closer knitt trade aswel. Go for it Jelly!
  15. Still is a great job, even more so these day's with Telic/Herrick tons of job satisfaction.