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Discussion in 'REME' started by Domino, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. Hey all, ive narrowed it down to two trades that im intrested in.

    VM (A) and recovery mechanic. But i cant find too much information on recovery mechanic.

    Basically what i want to know is what the day to day jobs are like, whats it like on OPs and what the postings are like. Either that or any other information which will be usefull in making my decision.

  2. VM(A) is the way ahead, get to fix large bits of broken kit. As for being a "Ratchet Neck", I am sure "One on the back" will give you loads of advice. Question is can you lift heavy weights & do your knuckles drag on the floor?

    Only joking lads before you crucify me.

    In honesty they are both trades where you will see lots of work & lots of opportunity to get sent on ops. You only need to look at the latest Honours & Awards to see the kind of "fun" these guys are now being put through - good luck whichever trade you chose!!

  3. Retrade go to arborfield, become an ECE. And enjoy god like status with the birds. And we drink more than the vm's. And there's no warhammer at the silverhorse club arborfield before you start.
  4. Both good trades,but the question is what do you enjoy doing?

    reccy mech.sometime spending hours pulling a stuck vhe out of a hole using skill,cables and sometimes ropes to remove it.(followed by hours of driving to deliver it back)


    VM (A) Working on big tanks following a battle group around changing packs (in all weathers)

    both hard work and both rewarding jobs.
  5. just thought it would be easier to edit the post so ECE is included in the post for ya! :wink: :D
  6. Whilst you're at Arborfield, spend the next 2 years of your life in a classroom learning theory. Don't become an ECE, because the trade doesn't exist anymore (at least not as it used to), but instead become a Tech Elec, otherwise known as a super tech. Spend your evenings down at the Silverhorse club getting wasted on shit beer or get smashed in the rugby club (the one good thing at Arborfield). Rejoice in the fact that you can always join the Warhammer club with the Air Techs down at A Coy.

    On a serious note, the BTEC is in danger of being lost, as is the HNC. The tiffy course is also being restructured in the near future with the possibility of shortening it, which will mean the loss of the degree. Tech is currently in my opinion not the way ahead.

    For job satisfaction, go Rec Mech. For quals, go VM. The Army is now actively encouraging membership of associations such as SOE (google it). Well worth it for 1(UK) Civ Div.
  7. Sh*t things have changed in the last 10 years then, in my time as an "A" Mech most Wobblies couldn't drink. There was the odd couple like Dr Nav & Cam, but on the whole they were lightweights :D

  8. toffeecock
  9. Nobby & his london screwdriver big hammer and a Recy mech to pass him them on tasks,

    you have chosen two trades which are the back bone of Teeth Arm fitter sections, the recy mech works along side the A mech on many things and A Mechs often have to crew with the recy mech on A vehs, both very much up at the sharp end the recy mech would look after the A mech on Pack lifts doin some fitter work operating the crane etc even passing him the odd "lubricant" same on a recy task, the A mech would be the eyes and ears protecting even operating for the recy mech as he has to be down on the ground, look at the pics of the crarrv crews i posted in this section Best & Worst Vehs in service today Peace time/ Ops pg 3 its an A mech on the Gimpy covering the recy mechs, The difference between the two is the A mech is doin his job in peace time and on ops all the time the Recy Mech helps out as and when with them but maintains his own Crarrv etc, and will be the jack of all trades master of none, and I say this with regards to official quals that transfer into civvy st, Recy mechs do MT work, Driving, some recovery in peacetime locations, but mainly exercise and ops,

    You need to ask yourself, do you want continuity, job satisfaction, and the authority to repair, or a variety of different non trade recognised work, with no authority to do it, even though we did so, it needed to be signed off by vm officially,

    Its easy to become a recymech and go Vm later, its harder goin the other way as it costs a lot more to train A mechs, and with trade shortages it may still be the case, the way I look at it is, if you have the aptitude to become an A mech go for it, not that many of us Recy Mechs havent got it we're not all chains no brains, its what we chose, you will always be working along side each other in teeth Arms and wksps,

    I havent checked out what you do now but try and get some work experience maybe with the two trades somehow,
  10. Thanks for the replys. The only bit of work experience i have was when i did my Yr10 work experience at a garage where i did all sorts of jobs like servicing, changing alternators and even helped change a clutch.

    I really enjoyed it and would like to work on the really big machines like the tanks etc.

    Sounds to me id prefer A mech although being able to do more than just repair does sound slightly more appealing.
  11. Its a known fact us VMA's are hydrophobic. We have to suck on frozen beer cubes.
  12. Nobby remember that wob who could drink, trouble is he wouldnt stop till he fell over, and when the missus gave us all a lift back in our car from the mess after a 5 armd session he let rip, boy we could taste the Fcuker,

    some say he was a tech, some say he was a rugby player in his day
    we called him
    THE FROG why?
  13. become a rapier tech and you can spend the next 10 years in Dortmund on the piss - or am I 10 years out of date :D :D