Recovery mechanic transfer to the Australian army

Hi i am looking into transfering to the australian army as a recovery mechanic and i would like to know the process, i am a CPL class 1 i know this was one of the criteria's.

I have done some research and know the basics like i will be joining th RAEME and i have worked on a few of the australian wagons whilst on tour in Kabul.

I wondered if anybody had any personal views on this or if you had infact transfered as a recy mech as i would like to get the ball rolling and start the process

Any info will be greatly apreciated .

I knew of a W02 Tiffy that went but dropped to Cpl with promotion to Sgt on completion of training.
PM me and I will send you details of a guy who went over a few years ago. As Sir Tony says they do tend to make you drop a few ranks to start with. Current vehicles they operate are a few of the American M882A and some old Macks, which will be replaced with RMMV 6x6's and 10x10's with a Miller Top Hamper, sometime in 2017 onwards under the L121 programme. You may also want to consider transferring to the NZDF (a bit more accommodating), again let me know if you want details of a contact who transferred to them.
I do not believe there is a formal "transfer" process between the British Army to any other army in the sense of, say, transferring from REME to RAC or whatever. Once enlistment into the receiving army is all done and dusted and you are given a definite "thumbs up" then you have to discharge from the British Army as normal and make your own way down under. Could be wrong like but .........
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