Recovery Mechanic Training, your views

Discussion in 'REME' started by RECMEC, Dec 2, 2006.

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  1. I have heard through a VERY reliable source that they have put together a team of senior recovery mechanics to look at the trade as a whole, and suggest modifications to the training they are recieving. In essence the class 1 course is just a repeat of the class 2 course so they are looking at completely re-writing the class 1 syllabus. This problem is not unique to recovery mechanics so all of the trade groups will be looked at in the near future. My question is a serious one, what should the criteria be for a class 1 recovery mechanic. Given that many recovery vehicles are manned by 2 recovery mechanics should they be trained in expedient repair and have a more indepth knowledge of hydraulics, transmissions ect...? Should explosives form part of the class 1 course as well as a lifting examiners qualification? I would value any suggestions as to what should be included in any future courses, be it class 1, 2 or 3. I know that some of those that form part of the team read ARRSE so it is a good opportunity to air our views.
  2. I dont think ive ever been in a unit where the recovery vehicle is manned by two reccy mechs.
  3. I think Recy Mecjhs have enough knowledge to store without expanding it to cover hydraulics etc. Perhaps it might be an idea for them to have occasional visits to units using different equipments to their own units's just to refrresh their skills (ie, RA LAD Recy Mechs visit an Armoured Regt). As the Man in the corner says, I never saw a recy team of 2 recy mechs.
  4. 2 recy mechs on crarrv in my unit
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  5. In a REME Bn a recovery veh is usually manned by 2 Recce Mechs but in a first line unit its usually 1 Recce Mech and a crew made up of other ftr sect trades.
  6. Guys, I bow to your superior knowledge on the crewing of recovery vehicles, but the aim of the thread is to canvass opinion on the future training of recovery mechanics. Maybe all is well and no-one out there thinks that changes are needed. Does anyone think the current class 1 course is adequate, and if so why, when it is a repeat of the class 2 course in all but name. I look foreward to your comments
  7. I thank you for your point but what new knowledge do they store after class 2?
  8. maybe splitting hairs but an armd regt and ra hmm foden with hq bty/sqn and crarrv with gun bty/tank sqn where would that help?
    imho only place where rec mech not get enough exp is in samson as tend to be crewed by vm but are top useful in both sandy places due to get places foden can't and winch rope is quite long but then this is just opinion of an VMA!!!!
  9. Your point is a valid one and I thank you for it, the only problem is that training time is being cut to the bare minimun and vehicles such as Samson, Warrior ect.. are not included in the SEME course(Warrior is at the moment on class 1 courses but for how long is anyones guess), it is down to the unit to train their reccy mecs if it is needed. Do you think that the reccy mec should broaden his(or her) horizons slightlty and diversify into repair as well as recovery?
  10. shouldn't versify should get trained on equipment he/she is going to use at their first unit(bn i believe for all class 3 recmech now)so that should be foden and crarrv then to gain class 2 should prove they are profficent in those vehicles then before next posting should return to training for fam of wr/cvr(t)/beddy shite and or what ever vehicle(s) that will be at their next unit and until they have undertaken that training shouldn't be posted to unit that has said equipment sort of an equpment course for recmechs
    i have heard reccy camps being binned as they are and changing which is a great shame if true as training by people who still use current service equipment as best equpped to show others how it works always thought all trades should be tested for class 2 in a rec camp type way but he ho thats another thread completley

    yet again from a VMA but has crewed crarrv/513/foden/samson/beddy shite
  11. Reccy camps are here to stay, the COS DEME(A) loves them and thinks that they should be expanded. Come on, any reccy mecs got an opinion?
  12. good hopefully can expand it and make all other trades get their class 2 by proving their capabilities when tired ,covered in shite,drunk,hungry,cold,wet whateever rather than by filling in a book
  13. I think from a view outside of recce mechs that youve got bigger problems in the trade than the training program.At the moment the trade is well under strength and this is reflected by the fact that units borrow each others guys to cover training and exercises. You also have a lot in the trade injured mainly to do with the years of humping the kit and climbimg up and down from reccers. The fact that reccy camps have been binned will not help with the passage of knowledge. I dont mean this as a slagging of the guys but of the current situation. My unit crews the reccer with 1 x recce mech and where possible a VM but as both are in short demand a reccer might not deploy. During our last regimental exercise our recce mechs worked their nads off as usual recovering wagons from one end of the country to the other i fear it wont be long before govt cut backs cause the formation of a recovery regiment that units bid to for ops and ex and road side recovery is contracted out.
  14. Reccy camps are a good idea, but unlike reccy jobs you cant without actively ruining expensive kit set up all the faults vms, techs and arms have to fix to pass class 2. Perhaps only allowing the book to be filled in on exercise / operations could bring the trades more in line however would take longer to get class 2 depending on the units training or ops schedule.
  15. not a bad idea but not ideal as thats not when you need to be checking all of a class 3 work (i know it should be done all the time but is tis realistic on ops)if on bde ex at a bg lad work could be carried out by class 3 then out insp by class1 in the way of a bls check ala batus then that may work but its hard to work out as all know who in your unit is capable and who isnt i think that a complete rehash of all reme tade training would be a better idea both for competence and retention but would take a new thread to explain imho