Recovery Mechanic Postings?

Discussion in 'REME' started by swithenbank, Jan 24, 2010.

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Would like to know if what i have been told is true?

    As a Reccy Mec do i have to go to batt. for my first posting?
    Where can i go?

    And if so what are good postings to get, have 3 month or so till i have to put my preferences down.

    In Leconfield at the moment...&*$! will leave all the comments for you lot ha ha !
  2. You'll spend your first 2 years at a REME Bn were you will gain valuable experience at trade, you will attend at least 1 recovery TTX were you will be upgraded to Cl2 (if you make the grade), during your time at the Bn you will deploy on many exercises and almost certainly on operations, again gaining valuable experience.

    After your 2 years there you can be posted to just about any unit with recy mechs.

    As I said in one of your other threads, pick Germany you will have loads of fun.

    Enjoy your job, you have undoubtedly picked the best trade in the REME.

    Edited for mongness.
  3. well thank you for that information,

    good to see thank someone knows whats what as i have spoken to many vm corporals and they just take the piss out of reccy mecs :S

    yeah i have been told germany is really awsome,

    good job i changed to reccy mec then ;) cant be arrsed being a vm did that in civvi , lol

    What bn you think is the best?
  4. Except weapons :)
  5. If you go to Germany you end up with a fecked liver, sore head, criminal record and a season ticket at the local whore house.

    Put Germany at the to of your list - It's a scream!

    Good luck!
  6. If you want to see Europe and have Euros in your pocket then 2 or 3 CS Bn REME.
    If you want Grade A accomadation (Z Type), facillities and want to stay in UK, 6 CS Bn REME.
  7. Tidworth sounds good, my x is there ha ha , lets maybe go to germany ;)
  8. If you want to live in a single room, play PlayStation with your door locked and see everyone disappear for the weekend - go UK.

    If you want to have block parties, pub crawl round Europe, generally wake up in a different pit every weekend, learn the lay-bys of Germany and probably have a better time at work; go to Germany.
  9. :) Especially ones with crossbows. ;)
  10. Don't worry about the pish taking by the VMs they're all recymech wannabees, get yourself a tough skin as pish taking comes with the job, usually you'll be dishing it.

    Heed Tiffyshackles and CC_TA's advice go to Germany young man you will have a ball.

    Put down 2/3 CS Bn on your pref posting don't be one of the ones that want to be near family, go and enjoy yourself.
  11. 3 Bn, never as good as any LAD, but Paderborn, awesome!
  12. He aint gonna get an LAD first posting mate, that's why I advise 2 or 3 Bn REME, at least if he gets 3 he's in Paderborn. Awesome place by the way.