Recovering from injury

alright just been up to the Careers office in Ilford asked about this got a very vague reply ( we are not medically qualified)...
im just recovering from a double break in my right leg and have about 2 more weeks or physio before i start training.

Basicaly can anyone tell me if for example i have to wait a year since injury was sustained before i can apply for selection.

any other info would be great.


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Your best bet would be to speak to your Physiotherapist, as they are probably better qualified to make any kind of statement on this than anyone on this website. Bearing in mind that whilst Selection isn't horrendously difficult (as far as I remember), basic training is arduous and designed to push your body in ways that you may not have experienced before. There is a lot of high impact training, running, jumping, obstacle courses, and if your leg hasn't had the necessary time to repair, then this training can only exacerbate it.

Don't be in a huge rush, take the time to strengthen your leg. The Army isn't going anywhere .. (figuratively).

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