Recovering from Injuries

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pandaplodder, Dec 27, 2011.

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  1. Has anyone had the following?

    3 part fracture of right proximal humerus and right radial head dislocation (fibia), This happened mid November, I had an op on my right shoulder as they wanted to see if any damage had been done there, this has resulted in temp (I hope) damage to muscles and I can only raise my right hand up to my chest at moment (not able to raise it any further). Have had to wear an arm brace and sling although getting by without them, not due any physio until New Year.

    Most the pain has now gone, I think what pain I have is muscles.

    I was told it will take a year to fully recover.

    Be interested if anyone else has had similar what their experiences were?
  2. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Woman at work last year had a shoulder op (after falling on the ice the dozy mare) and couldn't raise her arm above shoulder height at all. She had a follow-up op to shave some scar tissue away a couple of months back and has been getting regularly tortured by the physio since. She can now raise her arm nearly vertical and only swears a bit when she does. But that could just be normal background swearing ;). So a year sounds about right unless you are a 20something or very fit 32ish I'd imagine.
  3. WTF did she hit you with?
  4. Fracture of surgical neck of humerus and dislocation (straight out then straight back in). No surgery needed - bicep and tricep held it all together.
    8 weeks after injury I attended 2 weeks of intensive physio (police convalescence home).
    Rotator cuff muscles are complex and the physio had to do all sorts of traction and pulling and tugging to get them to 'relax' and allow more movement.
    It took me about 11 months to gain a full range of shoulder movement without significant pain.

    On a happier note, the lady who pulled out in front of my bike got 4 points and her insurance company paid me a large sum of money for a written off bike plus pain and suffering.
  5. lol nobody hit me, simple trip when out running.
  6. 44 going on 32 :D they said I was fit enough to make a full recovery but its driving me nuts at the mo, just want to get back to normal, have nagging pain pretty much during waking hours, manage to get to sleep ok now although because I'm not as active as I was seem to wake at silly o'clock so feel tired all the time.
  7. Fractured ulna and radius 18 months ago,in plaster for 3months,"frozen" shoulder due to inactivity caused major pain and immobility for a few months after.Took me about a year to gain my total strength back in shoulder and arm,still not returned to rugby yet.
  8. Made me realise how vulnerable the shoulder is, nothing to protect it, they told me the older you are the less likely they will attempt any op to put it right. Not keen about getting on a mountain bike now.

    I was sent home for a week between accident and being admitted into hospital, absolute agony!

    Several of the Nurses had had similar accidents, one was told the quickest way to recover was just have a sling and put up with the pain, recovered in 4 weeks
  9. I've always said getting/keeping fit is dangerous! If I was a PTI (guffaws loudly) I'd use the PTI phrase of no pain no gain, and if that's true I've gained a lot during my career particularly in the last 2 years!
  10. A tip......going to a chiropractor worked wonders for me,I found NHS physio a total waste of time.
  11. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Full recovery but it'll take a lot longer than you think. I'm a super-fit and godlike* 29 year old and I've noticed I take longer to heal if I tweak something these days. But I've at least learned patience not to crack on and make a minor injury more severe (at last!)

    *disclaimer: some or indeed ALL of that maybe utter bullshit
  12. I was always told if you get pain to stop..... saying that I used to be a racing snake 20 years ago but prone to knee injuries (was talk in the running press at the time about training whilst injured), what I do know from other others once docs start opening up your knees then you can basically kiss running marathons goodbye.

    The accident I had was particularly nasty, as I hit my right knee as well, as I landed on my right side I rolled onto my back, when I came round, I found I was paralysed down my right hand side and couldn't move.

    I will have to wait and see what they say at outpatients on Friday
  13. They are complete and utter schiessen hausen ( nhs physios)
  14. Finally a sensible sentence! Speak to the people treating you who actually know the exact nature of your injury!

    3 part fracture could mean anything! Did you break it through the surgical or anatomical neck? Did you pull off either of the tuberosities? Were they comminuted or compacted fractures?Did any bone fragments get into the joint?

    There are FAR too many variables to get advice from the web!

    Ask if there is a physio specialising in shoulder/upper limb injuries (your surgeon may well have a pet physio that they will point you towards who they trust not to **** up their hard work)

    It sounds like a nasty injury that WILL take a long time to come right, in my humble opinion I don't think 12 months is an unreasonable estimate to get it back to as full health as is achievable (which may well not be 100%, shoulders are funny *******)
  15. There's no such bone as a fibia!!!!