recovering broken femur

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by tochy01, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. Hi im recovering from a double break to the femur after smashing it on the steeplechase practice P compay event. Im wanting to stay in and am looking for some ideas to help rebuild the muscles in the leg. Basically I can't run because the bone has'nt healed properly so i cant do impact. If i dont get strong enough i will be discharged and so far i have worked my but of trying to get fit n strong but need som ideas to help me on the way. Answers please.
  2. i dont have a phyiso as i am so far away from the barracks and my gp is a waste of time. I was told i was deffo getting md'd but im making a super fast recovery but dont know if i will have recovered enough. I want so much to stay in and will do anything to give me the best chance.
  3. Get a private physio, or speak to the PTI's back at P-Coy. They'll be able to suggest something for you, probably bikes and rowing, that kind of thing. Good luck with your recovery!
  4. Femur crushed and hip broken by a horse rearing over backwards. 2 years operations, nearly lost leg. This was 16 years ago. I didnt do any exercises an am still suffering GET TO A PHISIO I am suffering the result of being TOO CLEVER
  5. I had a hairline fracture in my right femur, and a farked hip joint when I was younger. It took a few months traction, about 6 months in a cast, then lots of physio afterwards to get my leg to move again afterwards.

    Phys?? I bought a remote control car :)