Recovering blitzed immune system

Anyone got any helpful thoughts?

I'm about to finish what seems to have been successful chemotherapy for lymphoma - which is good news. My particular bit of the NHS has gained a major fan.

Assuming it's worked, I'm faced with rebuilding an immune system that has been regularly blitzed, with low white cell counts and low nutrifils (whatever a nutrifil might be......) I also need to recover what (for a 50ish STAB who works in an office) was a fair degree of fitness.

I've been on regular antibiotics but don't want to carry on taking those for too long - I reckon they don't do the system much good except when really needed.

I have access to a gym, plus green fields, fresh air and a dog needing exercise. But I do use the tube and go to places with crowds.

So - thoughts please on diet, training and infection control, remembering though that regaining a normal life was the whole point of the treatment.

My honest and knee jerk reply would be - not to ask on here!!

Your best bet would be to find a personal trainer (costly) or a sports injury advisor!

dietician you can get access to via your GP

The NHS can give you access to most of the help you'll require - but not at a fast pace.

Your battle with this disease will have been long and arduous - you really need to talk to specialists who will have an understanding for your very specific needs

good luck my friend
I have to agree with Bedpan you need to remember its a slow journey, i would leave the diet and infection control to the experst as for the fitness stick to walking the dog to start with you can vary the intensity and distance of the walks and then though in the occasional exercise as you go round as in like the nordic trim tracks!

Hopefully you will be running marathons before long!

good luck and good hunting!
My first piece of advice would be DO NOT over-do it!!!

As you are immunocomprimised, any strenuous exercise will put you at an increased risk of catching an infection. Concentrate on getting your immunity back up to full speed first by resting, eating and drinking well (don't do runny eggs or rare meats etc), and some gentle exercises (walking the dog is a brilliant one!)

After you feel stronger, you can gradually increase your level of exertion, but if you feel any illness you MUST stop or you risk catching something nasty.

In terms of food, eat plenty of good fresh fruit and vegetables, lean proteins, and some high quality (poly-unsaturated) fats (not saturated). If your doc approves, you can supplement this with a glass of red or rose wine at nights. They contain anti-oxidants that are great at cleaning out the system and general wellbing.

Above all, take it easy and build up gradually!

Best of luck mate!
Take it easy.

Chicken soup, aka 'Jewish penicillin' truly superb. Also get some olive oil and some balsamic vinegar, pour 'em into a bowl and soak up the morsels with some Mother's Pride (and no, I'm not Jamie Knobbing Oliver).

Go out and sit in the sun. Have half a pint (bollox, a full pint) of real ale and remember the good times. You'll be right as rain in days.

Good luck to you
Agent Smith could not have put it better. I can understand your need to get back to peak fitness quickly but rest, with some gentle exercise, will do you far more good. Do not rush things, your body has taken a hell of a bashing, you don't need me to tell you that. A few sessions in the NAFFI BAR will soon get your giggling muscles in tip top condition. Take it easy my friend and my very best wishes to you and yours.
You could look into as a supplement to boost your immune system. I also hear turmeric can help, but have never used it. ZMA is also good pre bed time to boost your recovery, but tastes pretty bad!

Try putting boosting immune system into google and you can wade through the good, bad and rubbish at your leisure.


I use the neovite twice daily after suffering from exercise induced post viral fatigue (was training for a world masters champs, got a cold and blew to pieces for 10 months!!!) and I feel a lot healthier, even though I am now back up to full speed training on the bike (cycle type)
My wife suffered from M.E. for about 2 years so her immune system was run down. We tried allsorts of potions and remedies but what worked best was healthy eating and regular exercise (i dont mean five mile runs every day). Start your exercise slowly 5 mins cardio daily for 1 week. Then go up to 10 mins for a week and so on. You should always feel that you could easily continue. If you feel ill/ run down then rest. I know it might seem a bit lame doing 5 mins of cardio but you need to build up slowly.

Remember its more important to get your health back than to try to impress people.

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