Anyone able to find a list of fitness records?

e.g. run times, number of press-ups etc.
Just curious for my own benifit and considering I have RCB in 12 days it would be great to know any RCB records I could aim to beat!

If not, what is everyone's personal records? I'll post mine own soon ;)

Any help would be great!
I remember reading a RMC career book once. One of their guys holds the world record fro pressups, something like 120 in two minutes or something like that.
29 hours in my scratcher-fast asleep. Beat that!
18 w@nks in a 10 hour period ... my c0ck was glowing in the dark and felt like i'd put it through a mangle made of broken glass.

put that in yer f*cking book Norris. :D
nice! haha!
so no one has any ideas apart from Ash then?
I think i know who your talking about Ash, well i know who the press-up record holder is, it's a big Irish fella, he also holds a lot of other records too!

I was thinking more along the lines of records in the army, specifically for RCB.
i had one arm like Garth's big brother,

i had to stop at 18 because i got a stitch.

and because i'd worn my helmet off and couldn't keep my hand from slipping off the end :D
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