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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by chemystery, Aug 8, 2006.

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  1. Do they drag their fcukin heels or what!!

    I've filled in all the forms for the TA but because I've served in the past they've got to get my records from Glasgow and it's taking ages.

    Apparently they have only two staff up there and one is of sick with...wait for it...stress.

    Does anybody know if there is any truth in this?
  2. Farkin hope not. It took two days for my med docs to get from Manchester to Glasgow, for the staff there to read them, defer me for nine month, and for this information to be inputed onto my computer record. Yet have they given me the reason yet? Nein. :x
  3. Yes, Kentigern House is a "stress black spot"..come on, they wouldn't lie about a thing like that, would they?
  4. Records for previous service are not[/u] kept in Kentigern House they are in a place aclled the DHC about a mile away which is run by a private company (EDS). It is a massive warehouse full of files. I think perhaps there may be at least 3 old members of staff still trying to get out from below the backlog.........I hear also the staff there like to go to the pub at lunchtime and their boss does not care if the come back or not!!

  5. Any vacancies?? :oops:
  6. You could probably walk in and give them your pay details and they would'nt even notice mate. They would just pay you (when they remember) I dont think they know who their staff are....
  7. Shameless bump.....

    Still waiting to hear.....

    Whats the longest anybody has had to wait to get something back from these workshy cnuts.....
  8. FCUKING HELL!!!!! I'm still waiting. Are these people mongs or what. Can't they just go to their drawers pull out my records and send them to my TA unit.

    IS THAT SO FCUKIN difficult?????

    I could have driven to Glasgow, picked my records up and drove home in two days.