Records of a bad apple Naval Officer


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National Archives and the National Maritime Museum.

The Admiralty used to maintain a list of officers blacklisted from further appointments - I'm damned if I can remember what its called but it's in the National Archives. Its about the right time period for this Flynn character to be in it.

He's not in O'Byrne's Biographical Dictionary of Naval Officers - I looked in my copy. But that's not entirely surprising as O'Byrne wrote and asked for biographical details.

You can download a PDF of it from A naval biographical dictionary: comprising the life and services of every living officer in Her Majesty's navy, from the rank of admiral of the fleet to that of lieutenant, inclusive : O'Byrne, William R., 1823-1896 : Free Download & Streaming : Int



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You could try grubbing through the appropriate Navy Lists of which there are runs of hardcopy in Kew, and in Portsmouth Public Library (upstairs, take id). The account of his prior 'legitimate' services must have come from him and is, I suspect, not to be trusted. There might be more in The Times archive, probably accessible to you via your County library card.
Sounds a fascinating search, please keep us updated and if I had time I'd certainly offer to help! Think there's a basis for an excellent book on this chap!
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